About Us

an image of a wall of clothing at molly green with a pink wall and concrete floors and a cute house plant on a shelf.

Welcome to Molly Green, where fashion meets heart and wardrobes are built with care and curiosity.

Our Mission

At Molly Green, we're more than a boutique brand; we're on a mission to build wardrobes and relationships. Our commitment extends beyond delivering fashion—it's about creating a unique and authentic experience for every individual who walks through our doors or visits us online. With a passion for fashion that's constantly evolving, we take pride in providing exceptional service, staying curious about our process, and curating collections that make our customers feel good.

The Journey

Our fashion brand journey began in 2011, we weathered economic storms and faced challenges head-on. There were a few leases in the wrong locations, a tornado, and the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, but our company stuck it out through each trial. We're proud to be a small business based in Nashville, TN, serving locals and tourists alike. What sets us apart is not just the quality of our offerings but the adaptability and spirit of our team. As a family-run operation, we've grown in storefronts, headcount, and style, and we've evolved personally and professionally, turning every challenge into an opportunity and creating a boutique culture that feels like your best friend's closet.

Feel Good Fashion

Our design aesthetic is rooted in "feel good" fashion. We embrace soft fabrics and fun prints and don't shy away from bold or bright styles. Molly Green is not just about selling clothing; it's about helping our clients find pieces that resonate with their unique style, boost their confidence, and elevate how they show up in their day-to-day lives.

Community Engagement

Beyond the racks and hangers, Molly Green is deeply involved in the community. We collaborate with organizations like the Nashville Humane Association, local schools, and nonprofits. Supporting our community is not just a choice; it's an integral part of who we are.

Online Presence

In the digital realm, Molly Green is more than just an online store. Our website is a dynamic space where every week, carefully curated new arrivals drop, each piece handpicked and photographed by our team. Our models are local friends and employees, and our social media and email platforms provide opportunities for customers to learn styling tips and tricks, enriching their personal style journey.

The Molly Green Team

Behind Molly Green is a small yet mighty team, each member wearing multiple hats. Our dedicated team forms a tight-knit family. From hiring to styling, payroll to product development, it truly takes a village, and we're proud to have the best team around.
Thank you for being part of our Molly Green story. Let's continue building wardrobes, relationships, and a fashion-forward community that feels good inside and out.
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