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Clothes that make you feel good

Zodiac Fits

For this post, we looked to the stars for inspiration! We created outfit ideas for each of the zodiac signs and made sure each sign's personality was able to shine...

Zodiac Fits 

For this post, we looked to the stars for inspiration! We created outfit ideas for each of the zodiac signs and made sure each sign's personality was able to shine through. Take a look and hope you enjoy :) 


The look we decided for the Aries woman was a french girl aesthetic. Aries have an effortless look and manage to make everything look amazing. They enjoy a more masculine/sporty look and own lots of structured pieces to pair with their casuals. This is why we chose a blazer paired with jeans and a graphic tee to give a little bit of edge with a classic look. Since Aries are always on the go you will rarely find them in heels, hence the Soric mule:) 


For the Leo look, we wanted to do a dressier outfit that shows the luxurious and confident side that a Leo woman possesses. This sign loves to be noticed and complimented. They are your friends that will always be in the spotlight at every party and event. They enjoy patterns, bold jewelry, and most of all standing out. Because of this, that is why we decided to do the Femme skirt and the baby girl necklace. 


Within the fire sign family, the Saggitarius is your optimistic, honest, and easy-going of the bunch. They want their clothes to be comfortable and versatile and will experiment with trends only if it appeals to them. Sagittarius is not one to follow the crowd and beat to their own drum. For this look, we paired the Houndstooth pants with the Deidre button up to show the everyday outfit you might find a Saggitarius in. While they do love versatility in their wardrobe, they will always pair unique basics with trendier pieces. So, that is why we added on the Black Peral purse to add a unique accessory to complete the look. 


The Taurus woman is hard-working, resourceful, and reliable. They are your friends that love classic well-made clothing and make sure anything they wear is high quality. For this outfit inspiration, we decided to do a simple collared dress, layered gold necklaces, and patterned flats. It is a simple style that looks put together and high end. It can be worn in many different environments and truly shows the personality of a true Taurus. 


The best way to describe our Virgo girl is that she is highly organized, thoughtful, and observant. This can be reflected in her style, they prefer simple pieces that will make them look neat and polished. You will not find a Virgo woman in anything too flashy or tight. They enjoy trends but in the end, will always stick to their classics. Based on their personality we thought the simple the better and paired our favorite jeans with the Melody top. Adding a pop of color and some fun to the fit we added the smiley face necklace and the Swirl slide to bring it all together.


Everyone needs a Capricorn in their life! We love them because they are mature, practical, and ambitious. They enjoy a darker colored wardrobe and vintage-inspired pieces. They are not over the top people but crave elegance and simple silhouettes. We would consider them our fashion-forward friend that will wear neutrals and add a pop of color within the outfit. The look we thought embodied a Capricorn woman was the Gigi jumpsuit some gold jewelry and of course the Portia bootie to give it that little hint of color. 


If you have a Pisces in your life then you know just how romantic, helpful, and imaginative they can be. They are true romantics and enjoy a flowy feminine style. They embrace creativity and color which reflects in their style. You might find a Pisces wearing unique and artsy accessories or out of this world shoes. Molly Green thought the Pisces woman would be drawn to the Donatella dress and amber necklace for its flowy and colorful look. Since Pisces are a lover of shoes we just had to add the Lightening heel to complete the look.


A Cancer is one of the most patient, creative, and compassionate of all the zodiac signs. Their style is forever changing and are known to dress by their mood. They enjoy wearing clothes that have a story to tell making them drawn to things like vintage pieces. The Denise Jumpsuit paired with the Nava Mule in zebra print is the perfect vintage-inspired outfit that could tell a story only a Cancer woman could understand.


Scorpios are considered to be dark and mysterious and enjoy intense rich colors but will always opt for a closet full of dark colors. The Scorpio woman is known for being dynamic, social, and very intuitive in all they do. The enjoy attracting attention with their clothing and have a style that has simple pieces mixed with edge and just a hint of sex appeal. This sign also isn’t afraid to show a little skin, that being said, we picked the Marianna dress so any Scorpio can show off their fabulous legs. Then lastly, we paired the Royal Slides and the Struck Earrings to give the style a little bit of edge. 


For this Air sign, their best traits are they’re eccentric, independent, and open-minded. Aquarius have a unique sense of style that is quirky and fashion-forward. They typically are the ones to rock a new trend and have no problem breaking fashion rules. The sign loves bright colors and will incorporate them into every outfit. With that being said, that is why we picked the Blossom Pants and the hair barrettes to give the outfit the colors any Aquarius would love. The Tanner bralette is simple and comfortable and could pair well with any colored pieces and would be essential in this sign’s wardrobe. 


Everyone has that one friend that is witty, charming, and adventurous, and if this is the case your most likely dealing with a Gemini. They embrace youthful, eclectic, and funky styles. They know how to balance between casual and playful better than any of the other signs. For the Gemini woman, we chose the Suzuko Dye Skirt and the Flower Friends Tee with white booties to achieve the perfect mix between youthfulness and playfulness. 


A Libra woman is a person we all need in our lives. They are loveable, sincere, and one of the most generous people you will ever meet. They are fashion-conscious and always try to look their best but would never dare look too flashy or gaudy. Libras strive to find a balance between looking casual and glamorous all at once without breaking the bank. For this outfit, we think we found the perfect balance between the two, picking the Shelby Top and the dark Flirty Flare denim pants with white booties. To add the glamor, we paired the Pot O’ Gold Earrings to top off the fit. 

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