Woodlawn Cycle Cafe

Woodlawn Cycle Cafe

We present to you, the Woodlawn Cycle Cafe!


Cozy and clean, accented with moody vintage touches, the cafe offers perhaps the optimal aesthetic quasi-dining-sipping experience.


Casey and I fed our Molly Green clad bodies with some of the best food we’ve had in quite some time: a filling helping of their pork stew warmed Casey’s chilly bones, and my cafe salad with its mix of greens, mustard seed, and sliced “country ham” was exactly the fresh meal I needed to chase away the residual What-A-Burger grease from the previous night.

A very friendly staff were all too happy to allow us to snap copious pictures, slurp our coffee, and generally disrupt the place with our blogging behavior!

Our new Charlie bag fits right in with an equally new Fluffy Pom bud at lunch today, and Casey couldn’t keep her hands or eyes off!

Even with a full belly, Casey gave me the perfect street-style moment in her perfectly Parisian-inspired fit!

To sum it up, Woodlawn Cycle Cafe may be the perfect destination to display a great outfit while you drink a great cup of coffee.


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