WHY MG? Ask our Team!

Are you interested in retail and want to know more about our company structure and culture? Molly Green is a family owned business founded in 2011. Our mission is to build wardrobes and relationships. We provide exceptional customer service, remain curious about our process, and constantly cultivate our passion for fashion. Click here to see more about each position and apply.

We asked a few of our teammates to describe their role and their goals for the future. Spoiler alert: Most of them have a house plant obsession and they're all really into clothes!


Anna our Regional Manager
Regional Director
I'm one of the founding Sisters at Molly Green and over the years my role has shifted with the needs of the day. Currently, I help with so many different things at MG! I strive to cultivate a fulfilling workplace for our teams and a welcoming experience for our guests! I chime in on buying decisions, run payroll, help make schedules, and do everything that keeps retail stores running!

One thing about me is I dress like an eccentric art teacher. I've never been afraid of bright colors or bold prints. I love to mix up random pieces and layer, layer, layer! Styling customers and helping them hone their style and build their wardrobe is one of my favorite things at work!

I have 23 house plants currently, and my most treasured though is my jade plant-don't tell the others!


Heather Johns Merchandising Manager


Merchandising Director

I do many things, but my favorite is being in each store and putting life into my color stories and themes for each season or merchandise drop. Merchandising, to me, is like decorating a home: it has to feel good when you walk in. Oh, and I love helping with all of our buys. I always get tons of creative ideas flowing through my mind!
I cannot even choose a favorite moment at MG. Each day is fantastic and waking up to a dream job with amazing coworkers makes up all of my favorite moments. The growth we have shown as a company is fun to watch and look back on. Seven and a half years is a long time to see significant changes!
On houseplants: I currently have between 50-60. I haven't counted in a while, and there have been some casualties!

Kelsey Wells Social Media Director


Hi! I'm the Social media and content manager at Molly Green. So, I run all things modern-day internet plus short, grab-your-attention videos. I started at Molly Green 6 years ago as a keyholder in our Opry Mills location and worked my way into my current position. I have a lot of big dreams and goals, but if I could move Molly Green to Paris, I'd pack her up and leave tomorrow. I have too many house plants to count, and I take care of our office plants. I've had to move some to my office space at home to make room for my big growers and my nine ongoing propagations!

Store Leader- CoolSprings
I’ve worked for Molly Green for 3 1/2 years
Why I love working for MG: 
Working at Molly Green has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally! You develop customer service, time management, problem solving skills, and so much more that will benefit you in any aspect of life! My team is like a big family who all support and care for each other, while also being able to do what we love and make our customers feel good!

Molly Malady
Store Leader- Broadway 
I’ve worked for Molly Green for 3 years
Why I love working for MG: 
"I love working at Molly Green because it truly feels like a family. In my time with the company, I've been able to build personal relationships with almost everyone who is here. Not only that, but working here is fun. There's literally never a dull moment!"

Elysabeth Morales
Store Leader - Summit 
I’ve worked for Molly Green for 4.5 years and I love working for this company and brand so much. Something I love is the creative freedom we are allowed to use to make each store personalized to our own customers and team. Another thing I love is being able to work along side some truly amazing people who love MG and want to see it flourish just as much as I do!

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