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Free Shipping on Orders $75+
✿ Clothes that make you feel good
Free Shipping on Orders $75+
✿ Clothes that make you feel good

Working From Home Tips and Tricks

As a work from home Mom and entrepreneur, I've taken my fair share of pajama days! But my work and mood are better off if I take a time to...

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If you are still working from home, then you know. WFH life is terrific but comes with its challenges. I still have the same work to accomplish but on my terms. I nourish myself better; I get to be with my hubby and baby boy all day. But it is also chaotic and has the potential for other bad outcomes. For example, I'll overeat takeout if we don't have groceries. If the stress of home-life balance gets too high, it leads to wrecked emotions and no work-life balance. Certain weeks go better than others. As a work-from-home mompreneur, getting dressed goes a long way to keeping me on track and productive. Here are some tips that have helped me navigate my days at home. 

  1. Business on top, comfy on the bottom. Real pants are not a part of my WFH wardrobe. Stock your closet with "office-ready" blouses and blazers. If you'll be talking to teammates and clients virtually, there's no reason to be caught in your significant other's hoodie. Try a top with buttons, a collar, or unique details. You'll feel immediately more pulled together, professional, and prepared for your day.
  2. Add Accessories. Take time to add a bit of shine to your everyday look. Stock your jewelry box with pieces that you will wear day to day. Don't forget hair accessories count too. This extra step will give even the most basic outfit an elevated appeal.
  3. Don't shy away from color and print. While there is certainly something to be said for a minimal monochrome look, sometimes it's nice to stand out even if you're staying in. So brighten up your Monday, Humpday or take your Friday office look to Friday night! Choose bright, colorful prints in comfortable fabrics. Bold hues are zoom friendly and a proven mood booster! 
  4. Take a bit of time to get yourself together. With just a few minutes ironing or steaming your button-down, you'll turn it from a frumpy mess to a chic blouse worthy of your best work. Wrinkles and stains have no place at work, no matter the location. 
  5. Upgrade your basics and essentials. If you are wearing loungewear, make sure it's unique. Choose sets that are quality and with texture. Get yourself a great pair of "house" shoes. These minor tweaks make a big difference!

These are just a few things I try to remember as I prepare for my day! I hope it inspires you too. 


Please enjoy a few images from our recent WFH inspiration Shoot. Models Hunter Johnson, Jenna Frawley, Styled by Heather Johns and Kelsey Wells. Photography by Lauren Frost.



Comfortable pants and blazers are a perfect look
Chic work from home look accessorized with gold jewelry
Working from home outfit
Working from home outfit
Working from home look
looking cute working from home


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