Thrift Haul: 5 Crucial Tips

Tip # 1: Wear something comfortable.

There is nothing worse than trying on clothes when you’re hot or cold or peeling off a million layers. It’s a good idea to wear a body suit or leotard too.  Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. Always be prepared.

Tip # 2: Look at all sizes and genders.

Who really puts back the clothes you found in the right section? (unless you’re at Molly Green of course hehe) You can find a gem in any section. Look for colors that speak to you. Don’t worry about what size its in. I buy things that are too large knowing I can alter it or knot it. Know a general time period that jumps out at you whether its the grungy 90’s look or a bright yellow retro 70’s feel (you all can find me there)

Tip # 3: Keep an open mind.

Don’t walk in with high expectations. Keep your options open. You can have a general idea of a look you want- but you might not find that exact dress in the size and color you wanted. Although you can truly manifest anything your heart desires.

Tip # 4: Budget without a buggy.

If you only got a small wad of cash & some pennies your picked up on the floorboard of your car- then don’t carry a shopping cart around. From my experience you will end up throwing half the store in there. Most thrift stores have a dressing room, so you can try your goodies on in there.

Tip #5: Redecorate baby!!!

Thrifting can not only be great for clothes, but also great for house hold items. Grab some coffee mugs and old bottles to grow some green little plant friends.They will look great in your window seal. My favorite section are the books. Find those national geographics!!! quick tip- the 2000’s forward arnt my top pick to grab. If you find a few you can take them home and cut up photos that look nice and you can hang them in your room, write over them, or make small collages for your friends. Lastly, look in the accessories. The scarf section has some great finds. the light short ones look great around your neck or in your hair.

Bottom line: Don’t sell yourself short.

Anyone can thrift. It helps when you have an eye for it, but it takes some learning. You HAVE to know what you like. You cant copy or be anyone else. You are you’re on person and your style will gravitate to you. I promise you. Have fun thrifting!!!!!


xoxo Sarah Peyton

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