How to Pick the Perfect Vintage Couch

The first Molly Green had a perfect, mid-century, tweed, lime green sectional. I believe the couch came after the name, but I can't be sure. We purchased said piece from a fellow proprietor on the tree-lined street where we first opened our doors. Those squishy springy cushions were the seat of many a new friendship. Where we first met some of our most cherished clients turned friends. We watched Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, and significant others cheer in support of their people as they tried on new and daring looks. And if a customer happened to come in alone, we often would sit on that couch, as our kindly client would play dress up. It served as a sounding board, holding tank, and quiet resting place on a slow day. It was an essential element to our comfort and success.

Since that couch, there have been renditions, usually green, sometimes different. While the upholstery has been varied, the outcome remains comparable. Each sofa is the base for fashion and fellowship. Those couches have witnessed gossip, announcements, and even a few arguments. They've heard us talk sweetly, accept and deflect compliments, and all the other ways we convince ourselves and others of our imagined deficits. If the couches could talk, they would tell us to be gentle with each other. They would encourage on all fronts. They would embolden us to wear the damn dress. They'd certainly hope to see us again real soon.

Each sofa we've ever placed in a Molly Green location has been a vintage or second-hand find. They've always stood up to the wear and tear of traffic. It might be that furniture was built better back might just be luck...but we'd recommend sourcing a vintage gem any day. You'll get a solid quality made piece for much less than buying a new one. You'll also get the character and vibes that come along with vintage items. Even if it was an ordinary piece of furniture when it was built, by now, it's unusual and often rare! On top of aesthetic appeal, vintage is earth friendly. If you'd like to add a vintage piece to your space and don't know where to start, here are a few tips and tricks to get started on your picking journey!

Five Tips To Find Your Perfect Vintage Couch

  1. Search for local shops, auctions, estate sales, and flea market dates. Check areas of town where the homes are older. Make relationships with shop owners to get the best "new arrivals" Ask when they get shipments and deliveries. Some shops will reduce prices on a specific day of the week.
  2. Check to be sure the item is well-kept. Look for pet hair or even evidence of "yikes" bugs. Next, lift the cushions, and check, crevices-especially if you have allergies. Then, give your newfound furniture a good vacuum and leave it in the sunshine for at least a day.
  3. Select for quality. Check for a solid frame and upholstery. Make sure the sofa is sturdy. Take a long look at the legs and arms. Does it wobble? Will it hold up to your intended use? It's easy to get distracted by the gorgeous design. Just make sure it's as strong as it is attractive.
  4. Style is in the details; before you begin your hunt, consider what it is you'd like to find. Imagine the color, shape, and style you'd prefer. Measure your space before you go looking. Nothing worse than finding the perfect yellow velvet sectional only to get it home and it not fit in your room! Decide the layout you'd like in your room and measure the available space.
  5. Do you intend to lounge on the couch everyday or will it be a conversation piece? Do you need it to be comfortable and cozy or do you need the cushions to bounce back with a more formal experience? Just make sure you take into account the comfort and use.


Overall, a vintage couch has essence that go deeper than the batting. Make sure to sit with it and decide if it's spirit is the right fit for your space.


We shot a beautiful campaign at the MG studio with photographer Sarah Peyton Green, stylist Casey Snipes and our own creative crew. Of course we used our  beautiful lime green, tufted, velvet, vintage couch as a prop. This couch was a lucky find on Facebook market place several years back. It's so special and fits our space perfectly. It's a fashionable couch and I know it's surfers-past and present-have always been fashionable as well. Jessica is wearing one of my favorite MG dresses.

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 Blonde girl in red silk dress lounging on green velvet couch.

Blonde girl in red silk dress lounging on green velvet couch.
Blonde girl in red silk dress lounging on green velvet couch.
Blonde girl in red silk dress with pearl earrings and accessories
Blonde girl in red silk dress lounging on green velvet couch.

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