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Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Clothes that make you feel good
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Clothes that make you feel good

Rollin Rodgers x Molly Green

Kacey Rodgers is cool! Scrolling through TikTok has become a treat I allow myself a few times a day. At a healthy 10 min dose. You really have to limit...

Kacey Rodgers is cool!

Scrolling through TikTok has become a treat I allow myself a few times a day. At a healthy 10 min dose. You really have to limit yourself on some platforms. I could watch videos of talking singing dachshunds for days but then who would run Molly Green ya know? “Where’s Brittany?” “Oh she’s on a TikTok bender, we haven’t seen her for days!” 

One of my favorite corners of Tik Tok is the roller skating community. They’re all about good vibes, good music and lots of good outfits. Humans who can dance skate are something special. They literally make moving fast on shoes with wheels look effortless. I haven’t skated since I was a kid, and only at birthday parties. I never owned a pair of roller skates…I was more of a rollerblader myself. Never professionally. I had to wear a helmet or risk real injury. Also wrist guards. I never graduated to the effortless level of dance float magic that some acquire. I admire that talent in others and I think it looks like pure joy. Like the kind of activity that replaces therapy and gets you through tough times. So when I saw our gal Kacey Rodgers doing her thing on the TikTok I was like “wow, she’s a dream” She has this Dolly Parton on wheels vibe. She’s precious. We connected through the magic of TikTok, amazing.

 (Check out her TikTok here!). 

Kacey Rodgers Banner 2

Since Kacey lives in Chattanooga I thought it would be fun to try and get a shoot together with her in our Radford Flares skating around. She actually lived in Nashville before Chattanooga and loves to visit still. So when she planned a trip for a friends birthday a few weeks ago we made it a point to get together. We met at our Green Hills location and took photos on the upper level  of the parking deck. I love getting pictures up there since it’s all sky and it was a gorgeous day let me tell you!

(Catch Kacey on Instagram @rollinrodgers)

1. Why do you love to skate?

First of all, I love skating because it makes me feel like a kid again. My mom used to take my sister and I roller skating all the time as kids! My mom skated competitively when she was a teenager so she passed her love of skating onto us. I remember admiring her as she skated backwards grooving to all her favorite 70s jams. I’m so grateful that she shared that passion with us. Secondly, I love it because it is THE BEST workout! You don’t even feel like you are working out, you are just having fun! Roller skating burns anywhere between 400-600 calories per hour! I’ve also developed muscles in my legs that I didn’t know existed. It’s amazing to feel your strength, balance and endurance improve over time. And lastly I love skating because it is free therapy! There’s nothing like lacing up, putting on my favorite playlist and letting my skates roll all my worries away! Roller skating actually releases endorphins so you literally feel happier when you are skating! I’ve also met some of my best friends through skating so it’s always a good day when I get to goof off and skate with my skate family.

Kacey Rodgers cool girl skating

2. What’s your skate style (Fashion wise)?

When I got back into roller skating about 2 years ago, I thought to myself I need a “skate style”! One of my favorite pair of pants to skate in were these crazy blue bell bottoms with white stars all over them! I felt like a superstar when I would skate in those pants! I decided then that I wanted to feel like that in every pair of pants I skated in! I ordered those same pants in three different colors lol! I just LOVE the way the retro bells look with my roller skates! The Molly Green Radford Flares are my favorite bells to wear right now!

I would describe my skate style as fun, playful, funky, and retro all in one! To me roller skating represents a way of life. Most skaters I meet are always loving life and exuding good vibes! (Look up Dee Upshaw... he is the epitome of good vibes on skates!) But I wanted to convey those same vibes through my style! I love pairing my bells with classic retro t-shirts, or any top that is sparkly, shiny, or tie dye! Anything that makes me feel playful, I’m wearing it! There are some days I love basic workout wear too. I’ll wear some fun leggings and a sports top if I know I’m really about to get my sweat on! 

3. What advice do you have for someone who wants to learn to skate?

Don’t give up! Roller skating takes a lot of time and patience when you are first starting out! There is a learning curve that you WILL get past if you just keep lacing up! Consistency is key! Learn the basics first, get proper safety gear and definitely learn how to fall... yes there are proper ways to fall on skates! Falling is just part of it but it’s important not to fall on your wrists! There are lot’s of skate tutorials you can find on YouTube these days! Also, develop your own style! Figure out what type of skating makes you the happiest and just go for it! I love rhythm and jam skating! Some people like derby, speed or artistic skating! There are so many unique styles and endless amounts of skate knowledge to learn out there! Lastly, HAVE FUN and don’t compare yourself to anyone else! We all learn at different rates so don’t get discouraged if you can’t pick up a move as fast as someone else! I promise you WILL get it if you keep practicing!

Shop all of Kacey's amazing looks here:Rollin' Rodgers collection

What is your favorite look? Who's ready to go skate with Kacey?! 

One of our stylists at Green Hills, Sydney Whitten,  is a talented photographer and she snapped a bunch of amazing moments. You can see more of her work on her website HERE or on Instagram HERE.

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