Our Green Hills Store Moved!!

Our store at the Mall of Green Hills moved!



Moving a store takes a lot of effort but completely re-designing a space to fit our brand is insanely difficult. We love to create a unique atmosphere and style for each of our Molly Green locations. It definitely adds a little something extra to every shopping experience. So exactly, what happens behind the scenes of a Molly Green move? Well, first of all, we are glad you asked because not many people know. Secondly, kick up your glitter boots and let me tell you!



After picking up every piece from our old store and moving it to a completely different place, we are left with a big pile of things that need somewhere to go. Clothes are pushed together on racks and rolled over to the new store, shopping bags and tags are put into storage bins, and hats/accessories are stacked on each other. Whatever is left over, we throw in bags and carry to the new location. Then the process of unpacking things into our new home begins. Our move took days of constant, hard work but the time seemed to pass by quickly because of awesome MG crew. If we did not have them, it might have taken a week or more. Visualizing what the new store would look like with products on the walls and plants everywhere to capture the MG aesthetic was the ultimate end goal.



Organizing boxes, bins, and bags to be put in the back room was an easier task but we needed to continue with the mission of making this location feel like our home. Unrolling the fur fabric and putting it on the walls of our dressing rooms was a great start. Adding in printed rugs, velvet curtains, and our favorite shades of pink also did the trick. The job at hand of making a home for our customers as well as ourselves relied heavily on the small details like hanging up a white board in the back office and taking a step back to move something an inch to the right ended up making it perfect. After screwing together all of the clothing racks and nailing accessories boards to the center pillars, we sat down on our green couch and gave everything a once over look just to be sure it was the best it could be.



Just when everything was in the right place and the clothing lined the pink walls, it was time to open our doors. We love the look of our customer’s faces when they walk into a new Molly Green store and this time was no different. Seeing the excitement and light in their eyes as they came to embrace all that is Molly Green, was the finishing touch on a place we now call home! If you haven’t yet, please come say “Hi” at our new location in the Green Hills mall. We will treat you like our best gal pal! See you soon and happy shopping!


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