Our Chattanooga Store is Moving!!

Edit: Our Chattanooga store is now opened!! 7/11/19

Hey friends!  This is an announcement type blog post!  After many creative problem solving sessions we've  decided to up and move our Chattanooga store a few hundred yards. Now why would we do such a thing...well let me tell you.

We opened a Molly Green right outside the Hamilton Place Mall in October 2018. That space is located next to a few other retailers like Chico's and Loft in an outdoor shopping center called Hamilton Corner.   Since we opened we have enjoyed rave reviews about our space, it’s decor, and all the cute clothes! We’ve met so many new friends and welcomed a wonderful lil team to the MG Crew. The one thing we’ve been struggling with is getting feet in the door. To better explain I’ll use our actual traffic numbers to illuminate. In all of our stores we use a traffic counter in the front door entry. This helps us understand our business in many ways. While it’s not always ideal to have thousands of footsteps a day (ie our Opry Mills days) it does help build the business-especially in a new town. At our Hamilton Place location we’re seeing on average about 58 people a day or 21,170 a year. Now this count includes our staff and delivery people and any other “non-shopper” who wanders in. At a glance it seems like a decent number, but let’s compare with our Cool Springs location. Our store in Franklin sees about 295 people a day or 107,675 people every year! It’s totally incredible to think of all those cute customers visiting us day to day. We’re so grateful for all the beautiful fashion loving friends who trickle in and out our doors. We’d be a fashion museum without our wonderful patrons. We seriously owe all our fun to our lovely clients and their patronage!

After considering options and our potential in Chattanooga we’ve decided getting in a higher traffic location is essential to our success. Luckily the Hamilton Place Mall is right in our back yard and they had a great opportunity of a space for us to make our own.

The Hamilton Place Mall is one of those airy atrium type centers with 90’s vibes, skylights and lush house plants around every corner. They’ve got a busy lil food court and about 1,170,712 square feet of retail therapy for you to enjoy. Our new location is directly across from Sephora and Pandora on the second floor.  

Our new space has all the best vibes! The ceiling and walls are covered in our new favorite Sherwin Williams paint color, Intimate White. The space has some really beautiful curves and mod details. Just perfect for us! You’ll find it to be a different space than our Hamilton Corner location. We’re working on a tight budget and an even tighter time frame. In the words of Tim Gunn…we had to “make it work!” And let me tell you it does! The space is lovely and oh so delicious with peach velvet and cream fur details. We can’t wait to fill it up with cute clothes and share it with you!

When announcing this move we wanted to be mindful of how we talked about it. It’s been an adventure in Chattanooga and we’ve done so many fun things! We had a dreamy time at the Dwell Hotel putting on a photoshoot with local bloggers and influencers. We’ve thrown a few parties and celebrated our new store with new friends!  We will be throwing a party to celebrate our new fun space and will fill you in on the deets soon! Our Hamilton Corner location will be closing Sunday July 7th in preparation for their move and will re-open later in the week. We will keep you posted and please let us know if we can help out in the meantime!

Our goal at MG continues to be: Fashion, Fun, Friendship. We’re looking for ways to better serve our clients and our community.  We hope our move into the Hamilton Place Mall will afford our clients more opportunities to visit our sweet little store! Thank you for following along and please enjoy some of the photos from our store build out!

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