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How Molly Green got its start

A little intro about my favorite sister set, Brittany Hartwell and Anna Miller. 

I first met them in January of 2012. From the moment I walked into Molly Green, I loved it and them! They’re effortlessly cool, down to earth, and the kind of passionate that makes you want to join in on whatever they’re doing. 

So when I was planning posts about strong creative women that I (we) admire for Women’s History Month (stay tuned for other posts about bad*ss women), they came to mind. Working at MG was one of the firsts places I worked at that encouraged collaboration over competition, which is extremely rare especially in a creative workspace.

I love seeing how Molly Green has grown through the years, but most of all I love how every MG that I walk into still reminds me of the first MG: a warm, welcoming, fun store that has a place for everyone. And that all starts with the fun-loving-magic sister set that is Brittany and Anna. 

I hope you’ll keep reading to learn a little more about them and about how MG got its start. -Laura Foster

Brittany: One of the questions that I get asked all the time is “Are you Molly?” In a way yes, but also no. My name is Brittany and I am one of the proprietors here at Molly Green. I have always been really interested in outfitting and styling. My family gave me a sewing machine very early in my teens and it gave me a sort of freedom to experiment. I was also lucky enough to have ample hand-me-downs to cut up and practice on. For me, fashion has never been about what is, rather what could be. Molly Green is a beautiful extension of that idea

We opened our first store in May 2011.

Opening Molly Green

Brittany: We opened the first Molly Green in May 2011. In the early days, it was just Anna and myself. Our store was on a little tree-lined street and we filled it with things we loved. Eventually, we moved our store to the mall where we experienced more foot traffic and excitement for the brand than we ever expected. My husband, Brandon started helping us run the business shortly after. We have been side by side ever since. Now, with 6 stores and a growing online staff, we get to work with so many kind, creative and fashionable humans.

What’s it like working with your family?

Anna: It’s like a sour patch kid. First, they’re sour, but then they’re sweet. I truly love working with two humans (Brittany and her husband, Brandon) that I can be completely honest with. We are able to create beautiful chaos.

What’s your favorite part of the day at MG?

Anna: I love learning from the people I work with. I would be nothing without the beautiful people I work with every day.

Do you have any funny stories?

Anna: Duh! Once many moons ago, a lovely customer came into the store. She decided to try on a very lovely dress, so I started her a fitting room. After about 15 or so minutes she came out and told me her dress was stuck. I tried and tried to help her unzip the dress, but I was unsuccessful. We both decided that the dress needed to be cut off…..Needless to say that dress was no longer sellable.

To see more of our favorite MG gals, follow Brittany (@britt__hart) and Anna (@bossiebooties) on Instagram OR you can just peruse through this photo gallery and then follow them.

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