National Piña Colada Day? That's a Thing?!

National Piña Colada Day? That's a Thing?!

In honor of this wonderful excuse to drink at work, we have come up with the easiest Piña Colada recipe that has ever surfaced the internet and we are giving it to you! 

Step 1:

Purchase pre-made Piña Colada mix and literally any kind of rum from your local Walmart


Step 2:

Pour a cup of the mix into a blender


Step 3:

Add about 1/4 a cup of rum into the blender


Step 4:

Add a bit of ice and blend!


Step 5:

Pour Coladas into pretty collins style glasses


Step 6:

Add some sprinkles and cute straws for additional flare (of course)


Finally, sip it up and enjoy the day!


Obviously we don’t need a holiday to enjoy this beverage, but it’s the little things in life, right?



Lexi Jade

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