National Donut Day w/ MG

National Donut Day w/ MG

The only problem is it is entirely too difficult to find vegan or gluten-free donuts in the area!

Recently the MG crew in Birmingham took a weekend trip to visit our Nashville gals!! While we were there we thought hey? we got two vegans and a gluten-free (what a wild group it is to travel with might I add). So how on earth are we gonna find donuts for all of us?!

Well, we stumbled upon the cutest little vegan/ gluten-free bakery!!! It is called Vegan Vee. Oh, boy was it delicious. They had so many options- varying from coconut to vanilla and even cinnamon. I know it is a struggle to find those places and luckily Nashville has all the right things.

This trip was bomb. We will for sure travel back sometime soon to see the MG babes & to grab some more donuts of course.

So go out before its too late and celebrate this national holiday!!!


Sarah Peyton

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