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Nashville Profile: Harazim Photography

We are so excited to feature a Molly Green friend and talented headshot photographer Christine Harazim (pictured above), and we are thrilled for you to get to know her too!...

We are so excited to feature a Molly Green friend and talented headshot photographer Christine Harazim (pictured above), and we are thrilled for you to get to know her too! Later this month, we will be hosting a #NashvilleHeadshotParty as part of our Influencer Brunch on January 26th. Please keep reading to learn more about Christine, her amazing company (plus killer examples of her work below), and how you can hire her!

Name -Profession -Where are you based?

My name is Christine Harazim and I'm the Owner and Photographer at Harazim Photography based out of Nashville, TN.

Website and Insta Handle
IG: @HarazimPhotography

FB: @HarazimPhotography

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been taking photos since April of 2017 but I don't think I would have considered myself a "photographer" until early in 2019. That's when it all started falling together- when I started diving into studio portrait photography. 

What do you love about photography? 

I've always had a need to be creative. I actually graduated from Berklee College of Music back in 2014, but I lost interest in that world for a time. When I couldn't find my passion for music, I picked up a camera and it opened up a new world to explore. I fell in love with it because it's a way to connect to others and inspire confidence (in women especially). I love to use my camera to make others feel good about themselves. I want my clients to know that I'm not capturing their flaws or insecurities, but instead I'm shining a light on what makes them uniquely beautiful. How cool is a career path that allows you to spread a message of confidence in a world where we're all being told that we need to be X if we're going to be seen as beautiful and confident? That's ridiculous when what makes life so awesome is how unique each person is. 

What's your favorite photo and why?

I think it's hard to have a favorite photo in the world of Instagram. People are doing a lot of really awesome things with their work these days and most days I probably scroll by hundreds of images. The images that always catch my eye are of faces though. I love seeing a great photo that brightly showcases the light in someone's eyes or a candid that captures a genuine smile. (You can always tell when it's genuine.)

What's your favorite photo you've taken and why? 

So tricky! Currently, I think my favorite 2 photos (they go together) are blurry, black and white photos of my Aunt and Uncle being silly and in love. I think at the end of the day, we all just want someone to be goofy and happy with.

How did you get started doing the Nashville Headshot Party?

I use Facebook as a tool for gaining new clients and spreading the word about my business more than anything else. OFTEN, I see posts in Facebook groups asking for photographers who offer "reasonably priced headshots." Reasonably priced for most of us is $185 and higher. There's a lot that goes into this work and while we love it, we also have bills to pay and need to value our time just like any other business would.

I understand that not everyone is able to afford $185 headshots, so with my experience organizing events I created an event that allows for discounted rates on photos in a fun and inclusive networking environment. People can have a drink, make new friends and have photos taken in front of different backdrop colors for a small deposit. It ended up being a hit in the Nashville Girls Group on Facebook and after two months, I realized that it had the potential to grow! My 2020 goal is now to photograph 500 faces and between these parties and my volunteer work, I'm already well on my way. 

What's your best advice for someone who might be hesitant about having their photo taken?

I'm that person. I've gotten better about it in recent years, but I've always been the person overthinking in front of the camera because of insecurities. For that reason, I do my best to make sure that everyone I photograph feels comfortable and sees the strength that it took to put their face in front of a camera in the first place! That takes a certain degree of vulnerability (which I've learned a lot about through my work with Sad Girl Music.)

My best advice is to be kind to yourself! I feel that as a whole, we're all getting better about celebrating beauty outside of a traditional standpoint. The thing to remember is that beauty is not a number on a scale or the shape of your chin. I think that people are beautiful when they decide to carry themselves with confidence and be bold in their everyday lives. The kind of bold that it takes to come out to a Nashville Headshot Party is particularly beautiful! What an offbeat and rewarding thing to do for yourself!

Where is your favorite spot in Nashville?

For photos: Anywhere I can bring my studio set-up is a favorite for me. I've now set up for a Nashville Headshot Party at Element Music Row Apartments, Hempsterville, and coming up soon, Molly Green in East Nashville for a promotional event!

For everything else: Honestly, I'm an introvert. My favorite spot in Nashville overall is on the sofa in my house; recharging from a day of being out in the world and cuddling with my fiance and cats. 

How can our audience get in touch with you? 

I'm super accessible! I'm happy to chat via email at You can get in touch with my via my website contact page. You can sign up for Nashville Headshot Party updates on my website here. And you can also send me a message via Instagram or Facebook.

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