Monthly Musings- April

Monthly Musings- April


Rachel Hauer is a tattoo artist based in Queens, New York. She takes the harshness that is often associated with traditional tattooing and juxtaposes it against a certain feminine softness. The crisp edges of her work paired with the cross-hatching technique she uses to give her designs depth allow for extreme softness, while still keeping with the classic illustrative style that attracts so many to the world of tattoos.


Arcade Fire’s album The Funeral is one of those records that I am forever going back to. Every track has its own life, while always contributing to and expanding the overall meaning and feel of the album as a whole. I don’t have much else to say about it other than listen to it beginning to end intentionally. Buckle up and prepare for all of the emotions!


The Mysterious Benedict Society is a series of 4 books written by Trenton Lee Stewart. These books can be found in the “Young Readers” section of the book store but they are certainly not childish. Much along the same vein as Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events, these books follow a group of gifted outcasts as they solve mysterious clues and riddles that take them down a long winding road of adventure and self-discovery. As I read I was filled up with poignant insights into personality traits, social constructs, the negative effects of abuses of power, and the necessary selflessness that accompanies true friendship. I found it so refreshing to read a book that is so masterfully crafted on whit and intelligence alone that it doesn’t find the need to include long diatribes of sexual exploits or other shock-value types of writing. These books are a gem no matter the age of the reader. 


To put it simply, Moulin Rouge is one of the only musicals that I’ve watched without getting distracted from the storyline because of the show tunes. This movie is emotional, dark, energetic, and beautifully filmed. Watch, dance, feel, cry, and then become one of those people who know all of the words to the musical that everyone else has already gotten over.


The podcast Oh Boy by Man Repeller hosted by Jay Buim has become a staple during my commutes. Each episode features an interview with someone who is working and challenging what it means to exist in today’s corporate environment, whether that be in fashion, technology, finance, art, or general business. Jay interviews CEOs of growing brands like THINX and leading journalist for publications like The New York Times and New York Magazine. It is so interesting to hear first-hand stories and experiences from those that dwell within these industries that seem so distant.

Self Care

This month has been particularly draining, so I’ve tried to make it a point to take more time to be alone. Being alone can look like a lot of different things, but I’ve really tried to focus on not drowning out my own thoughts with things like TV and the internet. Instead, I’ve been trying to read a bit every day or journal when I need to externalize my thoughts. It requires intentional time set apart to do it, but it has made each day feel more calming and energized. Try reading a short passage each day from a book you know well and enjoy and begin to see how the quiet can soothe.


Lexi Jade


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