MG Loves Chattanooga!

So you might have heard, but as of October 2018, we opened our 5TH location at Hamilton Corner in Chattanooga Tennessee!!

With 3 stores in Nashville and 1 in Birmingham, we’re excited to expand into the Chattanooga market with our fifth store. When we started looking for a home for our new store, it felt natural to grow in a neighboring city. We’ve fallen in love with Chattanooga. The feel of the city, the creative atmosphere, and with our overall love of everything the city has to offer, we knew it was the perfect place. It’s a place we want to be, and we want to invest in the community. In short, we believe in Chattanooga!

Here at Molly Green, our motto is, “Molly Green, a brand as unique as the people who wear it.” And while this will be our fifth store, we want it to be unique to Chattanooga because there is no place like it, and we are excited to reflect the city in our new space. We love Chattanooga, and we know that no one knows a city better or loves it more than her natives! Even though it’s only been a few months we love being a part of the city, engaging with Chattanooga natives and her visitors, and becoming a part of the community.





In prep for opening the store, we hung out with some local Chattanooga bloggers and natives at The Dwell Hotel and spent some time talking to them about their favorite things in Chattanooga. (Click HERE to read more)

What makes the Chattanooga store special?? There are so many things! But here are some of the pretty fun things you can find in the store:

-Our signature furry dressing rooms. So cute you can’t help, but selfie!

-“Stay in your magic” mural and watercolor mural by Out East Boys (@eastsidemurals)

-We also designed a special shirt just for Chattanooga!





Since moving we’ve gotten to contribute at events like MAD, BAD, & DANGEROUS around Christmas and recently, we did a partnership with a local thrift store that benefits the Chattanooga Humane Society. We are still getting to know the Chattanooga community and loving it!! We want to get to know you! Have an idea for an event?? Email our store

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