Lovely Looks for Valentine's Day

And just like that, February is here!

The gentle hum of love is in the air, people are hawking those little candy hearts like they don’t taste like chalk, and an anatomically incorrect version of the heart is plastered everywhere. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and don’t let that little intro confuse you; I absolutely LOVE a day devoted to free candy, pink & red color palette, and telling everyone you love that you love them! After all, Valentine’s should celebrate all the love we have in our lives, not just romantic love.

Here are all of our favorite looks for Valentine's, Galentine's, Palentine’s, and everything in between-

Valentine's Day Casual DATE NIGHT

Casual Date Night

You’re staying in and having a low-key evening with your loved one. Opt for soft fabrics and easy fits that will still have you feeling dressed up while you’re dressed down. FIONA DRESS, $58 (top left); ADDISON BUTTON SWEATER, $48; EMMY DRESS, $39; WREN MIDI DRESS, $35 (circle)


Valentine's DAY DATE NIGHT

Date Night

Getting Fancy! Whether you are dressing up to dine out or stay-in, these looks will have you seeing heart and stars! DELPHINE DRESS, $79 (top left); MINDY FLORAL DRESS, $59; AUDRINA TOP, $39; DYLAN MINI SKIRT, $36; BEATRICE SEQUIN DRESS, $89 (circle)

For Plant Lovers

For Floral Lovers

We love a floral look! Plus, it’s almost spring, and nothing says we are dreaming of warmer weather like a lovely floral print. Throw on a soft dress, comfy pants, or our favorite romper for a dreamy look because what goes better with hearts than flowers? KINSLEY TANK, $29 (top left); SOPHIE FLARE PANTS, $49; JENNIFER FLORAL DRESS, $58; MINDY FLORAL DRESS, $59; BIANCA ROMPER, $49 (circle)

Valentine's DAY Watch Party

Watch Party

Can’t be in the same place; we get it! It’s 2021, and zoom is still the number 1 date spot. Okay, we don’t actually know that, but it feels like it that right now. So whether you are watching with friends or loved ones, you will feel cute and comfy in these looks! HATTIE SWEATER, $63 (top left); COLLINS SKIRT, $49 (top left); KIEL CROP TOP, $25; KIEL BIKER SHORTS, $27; BELLA SWEATER, $45; FIGHTER SLIM CROP DENIM, $63; JULIA LONG SLEEVE, $52 (circle); DESTINY SHORTS, $45 (circle)


For Denim Lovers

I can’t get over how much I love our denim. It’s soft, stylish, and so comfy you can nap in it (trust me, I have). No matter how you style it or where you’re going, you’ll love it forever! DANNA DYED TOP, $59 (top left); CROSSINGS SKINNY JEANS, $49 (top left); RAY RIBBED CROP TOP, FROM $28; BOLD STRETCH MOM JEAN, $64; FAYE TOP, $39; ALBAY SKINNY DENIM, $49; DREAM ON DENIM, $79 (circle)

soft looks for valentine's day


Soft Looks

Nothing better than feeling comfy and at home in your outfit. No matter how you’re celebrating or not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, these looks will have you feeling like you! LOVELY LOVE TEE, $49 (top left); KIEL BIKER SHORTS, $27 (top left); FRANKIE TANK, $25; WHITNEY PANTS, $65; JULIA LONG SLEEVE, $52; CROSSINGS SKINNY JEANS, $49; IVANNA SWEATER, $49 (circle) 

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