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If you're reading this, I'm sure you know Molly Green is a small family owned business. With stores in Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Nashville, we feel lucky to be involved in these communities and get to know so many other small businesses. It's not a secret that this year has been rough on everyone including small businesses. As we move into the holiday season, we wanted to start highlighting some of the many businesses that we love and support all year long. We hope that you will support them too!

Every week from now until Christmas, we are going to be doing giveaways on our instagram with these small businesses and you will have an opportunity to win amazing goodies from them and from us! 

Our first giveaway is with The Cookie Cart and Gold + Ivy. To say I love both of these companies is an understatement. I had one of AV's cookies the other day and believe me when I tell you they are just as delicious as they are cute, which is to say they are out of this world. If I had it my way, I would have had a full box and eaten a small child's weight in cookies.

Where to begin to talk about my love of Gold + Ivy candles because they are simply the best! I've always loved candles, but a problem that I've run into a lot is that they don't always smell as amazing when they burn. That's simply not the case with Gold + Ivy. The candles burn for what feels like forever and the scent fills my whole apartment. If you're looking for the perfect holiday scent Evergreen Forest is amazing, but if you are looking for a candle that smells amazing, crisp, and light I can't recommend Grey Flannel and Fallen Leaves enough. They are my two absolute favorites, but you can't go wrong with any of her candles! 

I took the opportunity to interview AV and Alexis about their companies, best selling items, and how you can shop with them this holiday season. Keep reading below to find out more about them! 

Meet AV!

1. What's the name of your company? 

The name of my new company is called The Cookie Cart. It has taken a few different forms since I started in February but it’s been a lot more successful than I ever could imagine! haha.

2. How long have you been in business? How did you get your start? 

This answer is slightly long winded BUT...I am a songwriter to my core. I love writing KPOP, Sync Music, Pop, Hip-Hop, RNB, Etc…My love for music called me to spend almost all of January in Los Angeles. Because of this I wasn’t working…and because I wasn’t working I wasn’t making money.
When I got back to Nashville, I was hanging at my friend Kendall’s house talking to her about my worries and she suggested I sell some Valentine’s day cookies because I was good at baking. Now…I LOVE baking and I was decent at it…but like…chocolate chip cookies and cobbler…I didn’t know how to do anything else…but…I posted a pic on IG anyways—acting like I had it together and BAM…explore page. My inbox was FULLLLL to the brim with orders…I think I definitely undercharged too for the Royal Icing decorated cookies…but what I made Valentine’s day week and after was what I would have made all of January and I was like…PRAISE GOD. 
This all literally started in February! So just shy of 9 months and I’ve already done album and single release cookies, Halloween cookies, birthday cookies, cookies for the BLM movement, and even house warming cookies. 
It’s insane because my sister and I would joke about owning a bakery when we were little and I wanted to name it Myra’s Treats, because that was my moms name. She passed in 2005 but EVERYONE knew her as the dessert lady. She was the designated dessert provider for every party and always had candy or bubblegum with her. So, this feels surreal. 

3. What is your favorite item in your store/favorite things to make

I really love all of it but just this summer I made these m&m cookies for a surprise birthday party—and completely finessed the recipe…and WOW. I think they are my favorite candy cookies I’ve ever had! It’s weird because when it comes to songwriting, it’s hard to be objective with my work…but with baking…I’m pretty honest with myself if a cookie sucks…these…I’m just super proud of.

4. What's your best selling item/most popular items?

My custom decorated cookies BY FAR the best sellers. I’ve done some really cool designs and detail work for some projects. It’s really fun to work with people to create custom designs and even though I’m still learning, it’s fun to experiment. 

5. Where can our customers find you on social media?

My cookie IG is @TheCookieCartNash and for songs and such ;) @Avsongs

6. What's your website? 

Currently working on it. BUT it will be AVDoesthings.com (I may eventually have individual websites for stuff but I do so much as a hustler haha—why not have it all in one place)

7. Do you have anything you want to promote?

So much. 1. Christmas Cookie Sales 2. I am looking to do pop-ups. I plan to serve a free coffee or hot chocolate with every cookie purchase as I slowly launch. 3. My cookies use NO artificial dyes…it’s all plant based colors. I eventually want to be all organic and offer Vegan options. 

8. What's on your wish list this year?

World peace (for real) and a wedding venue or land I can host my wedding that isn’t going to require me to sell my left leg. (Haha)

Meet Alexis!

1. What's the name of your company?

gold + ivy

2. How long have you been in business?

How did you get your start? I started gold + ivy 3 years ago, in the middle of transferring colleges. after 2 years of going to school for graphic design, I needed to have a hands-on creative outlet. I set up a booth at our local farmers market back in New Jersey, and started slinging candles, macrame, and hand-lettered signs. By the end of that summer, I decided to go all in with candles + haven't looked back!

3. What is your favorite item in your store?

I rotate my scents seasonally, so for winter, my all-time favorite is our grey flannel scent

4. What's your best selling item?

currently the grey flannel + evergreen forest candles

5. Where can our customers find you on social media?

instagram @goldandivy_ 

6. What's your website?


7. Do you have anything you want to promote?

I'm launching the winter collection friday, november 6th!

8. What's on your wish list this year?

houseplants + all things cozy!


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