Let's Talk Back to School!

Let's Talk Back to School! 

By Grace and Ammaly, MG Interns


Hey there! I’m Grace and I am super excited to be a part of MG’s Fall 2020 Internship Program! A little bit about me: my favorite color is purple, I am at my happiest when crafting either with friends or watching Friends, and wearing many colors and patterns all at once brings me joy. Check out my favorite back-to-school picks from Molly Green for some comfy and colorful outfit ideas!

I would put together this is the kind of outfit on a dull cloudy day or when I am experiencing Zoom-burnout. It will brighten your day right up!! A bright pair of pants in a comfy fit is a must, so when I saw the Everly Pastel Denim, I knew they were a must. I always like to have a sweatshirt or cardigan on me for transitioning from the hot summer air outside to the cool air-conditioning inside. The Arabella Blazer is the perfect way to add layers while still looking incredibly sharp. When the weather turns cooler, you can make it a more permanent part of your outfit as a light-weight jacket. 
Bailey Long Sleeve | Could You Jeans | beige booties in store

Wow, is this comfortable! Back-to-School always makes me think of some cute denim and a cozy sweater. Ultra high rise mom jeans with a little bit of stretch bring all the productivity of not wearing pajamas or sweatpants, but without the discomfort of stiff denim. The Could You Jeans are a must for staying productive while working/studying from home! This ultra-soft (and I mean ultra soft) sweater will keep you cozy and it can be popped over any summer outfit to transition into cooler temps. Step up the look when stepping out of the house with these gorgeous beige snakeskin booties. 


This is the perfect transition outfit, whether you’re going from summer to fall or between the hot outdoors to the cool indoors. The heather grey t-shirt dress is incredibly comfy and a must-have staple piece in your work-from-home closet. Wrapped in this soft cardigan, it will feel like you’re snuggled up in a blanket during your Zoom calls. Even better, the popcorn stitch adds some fun texture to your look! Wear this with some white sneakers, flats, sandals, or booties – this is an incredibly versatile and transitional outfit!


Hi ladies! My name is Ammaly and I'm another MG Fall intern! One thing about me is that I love having an excuse to play dress up and investing in staple pieces with fun prints and patterns. I am so excited to transition my wardrobe to colder weather using my favorite pieces from Molly Green, while still staying comfy for school days. While it might not be cold for a while here, take a look at what I've curated below for some inspo:


Out of all of my chosen looks, this outfit was the comfiest for back to school. Whether you’re in person walking down the halls or logging onto Zoom this semester, this outfit is made for all seasons. The Rosie Dress is the most flattering and dainty baby doll dress I’ve ever worn. It’s perfect for sunny days, but can definitely be dressed up for the fall and colder weather coming up. To create a warmer look, throw on a chunky cardigan or sweater, like the Fletcher Crop Sweater. Dress it up with booties to keep your feet warm, or dress it down with white casual sneakers to create the perfect cottage core aesthetic.


If there’s one thing I could wear forever and dresses weren't an option, then rompers would be a close second. The Wilder Romper is made of the softest material and comes in a beautiful orange that screams Fall (but doesn’t wash out your skin tone and make you look like a pumpkin). The romper can be worn over a warmer top for colder nights, like the Getaway Top or over a striped tee for days you don’t have class. Not only does it have pleats on the front to make it stand out from the average romper, but it has pockets, and everyone loves pockets, right?


For those days you want to be comfy and casual, a sweater and a good pair of shorts are always great options. The Ezi Flower Sweater screams happiness and comfort, which is my favorite combination. It has the sweetest daisy pattern and can be paired with almost anything, like shorts that are comfortable enough to go to class or to work from home!

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