How to put together a Monochrome Outfit

For me, it all started with a Canadian Tuxedo...

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The likes of Britney and Justin subconsciously inspired me. But all denim looks go way back. Reportedly, to 1952 when a Vancouver Hotel refused Bing Crosby entry because he wore a denim top and denim bottoms. He paved the way for all of us, honestly. I count this as one of his most precious accomplishments with White Christmas. But this is just the modern history of all-denim-looks. Monochrome fashion can be noted, especially in the 1920s. Coco Chanel was boldly experimenting with white and black designs. The little black dress was revolutionary for women everywhere. Christian Dior created a resurgence in the 50s with so many tonal looks. The 60s saw an explosion of edgy and mod monochrome looks. Wearing Monochrome allowed women to break predisposed molds and expectations in fashion. Over the years, Designers have used tonal combinations, and Monochrome has become a timeless and stylish option for everyday wear.

But the question remains, how do we create a Monochrome look? It is straightforward. The trick is to stay in one tone. Then, using different shades of a single color, you can create an outfit with effortless appeal. Layers are also crucial. Make sure to accessorize; add outerwear, earrings, a hat, scarf, tights, etc. These additions will confirm that your look is intentional. And if you are curious about what color is best to use for a Monochrome look, it's totally up to you. My favorite is denim, but I also love to wear shades of sage green and Ivory. I tend to collect these colors and have mastered a few iterations in each shade. Just be sure to wear what makes you feel happy and confident, which is, after all, the best look of all!

Pro tip: an easy way to shop for tonal looks on our website is to use the filter tab on your desktop browser and search for the color you are looking for. It will pull up all the products that match your color query!


Kelsey styled and shot Ashley in a few gorgeous Monochrome looks and we are here for it! Please enjoy!

ivory tonal look
Ashley in a Monochrome Look

 Ashley is wearing the Lia Glitter Top, the Megan Sweater Skirt and, the Bonjour Beret.

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