How To Pack For A Spontaneous Weekend Beach Trip

If you want a quick How To on packing for a quick beach trip, we’ve got you covered 🙂

Keep scrolling for the preachings that I should think more seriously about practicing while packing.. 


Tip No. 1: Start light

The minimal thing has really become a thing in the past couple of years, so why not take a chance and jump on the band wagon.

♪ Keep it light, keep it light, pack it right ♪ (Sung to the tune of Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx)

You’ve got your swimsuit, a pair of cut offs, a small purse for essentials, and a Kantha Quilt for your laying leisure. Since most your time will be spent by the ocean in your bathing suit, only a few other items will be necessary apart from those pictured above.

Tip No. 2: The After Beach Sunburnt Wears

Everyone knows that sunscreen is imperative, but it is the re-application of it that seems meticulous and unnecessary while you’re out playing in the sun. This is where it all goes wrong and everyone ends up in sand scraped, red backed pain. Once you’ve covered your entire being in refrigerated aloe gel, clothing is the next hurtle to jump. Alleviate some of the pain by bringing some lightweight and super soft PJs that can double as an outfit for the public eye with the simple change of a shoe. See below:

Now that you’ve got the beach necessities and the PJs to remedy all your pains and sorrows, you’ll need to think about what to pack for the highly anticipated evening out on the town. Things to remember: comfort, movement, and applicability—the ability to mix the pieces you have with new ones to create a look that is for both fancy seafood dining and casual coladas on the shore.

Tip No. 3: Mix and Mingle, baby. Mix and Mingle.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a fun filled and sun kissed weekend with the sandy shore and salty waves. Remember to pack light, wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and #shopmollygreen 🙂

xoxo Lexi Jade

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