How to Cut the Perfect Mango

Step 1: Find yourself a couple cute lil mangos 


Step 2: Slice the Sides

This step can be tricky your first time. There is a hard, flat seed in the middle of every mango. You must cut around it and avoid it at all costs. If there’s any excess left on the core, you can cut that away to snack on later.


Step 3: The Turtle Technique

Once you have cut the sides you can go straight into my favorite way to cut my mangos. All you have to do it slice small tick-tac-toe rows across your lil guy, but be careful not to cut through the skin. Now heads up, your mango won’t always look the prettiest but you can work with what you got 🙂


Step 4: Inside out

Turn your mango inside out by pushing the skin up from under to get the turtle technique effect!!


Step 5: Enjoy !!!

These little steps are not the only way to your mango heart but it is a good start. You can totally have fun with it and try out anything that feels right. Show your friends at all the pool parties and you’ll impress them for sure 😉

Good luck lil mango beans!!


xoxo Sarah Peyton

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