How Jen is Changing Women Stereotypes!!


Women stereotypes are still sometimes in full force these days. Seeing a woman do something we are so used to seeing men do catches us off guard. We sat down with our good friend, Jen to talk about how she’s changing this by being herself.

K: Tell me about a day in the life with Jen:
J: Every day I like to feel strong, mentally, and physically. I try to meditate and workout every single day. I also love audiobooks and podcasts, whether I’m walking my dog or just hanging by the pool, I spend probably about 20 minutes a day listening to one. I strive to always stay on the up and up and release any negativity.

K: So, I know you love to ride your motorcycle, how long have you been doing that?
J: About 2 years.

K: What made you want to start riding one?
J: Honestly it just looked like a blast. I saw a chick on one in Knoxville and it made me remember how badly I wanted too. She looked so badass, speeding off looking cool and I just was like “this is it, I gotta try this.”

K: You also play the drums, how long have you been doing that?
J: 4 1/2 years.

K: And what made you pick up the sticks?
J: You know what, I just had this feeling. I was so attracted to drums and drum beats growing up. My favorite songs all had these beats I couldn’t get out of my head. I wanted to play them in the 6th grade but I chose clarinet instead. But something wasn’t right, It never left me. I finally just faced the feeling and did it.

K: Do you think it’s still strange for people to see you sit behind a drum set?
J: Yes. Most people think I’m the lead singer because I’m a girl. I usually have my makeup done and my hair is high up on my head. But then they see me setting up and they are like “I had no idea, wow.”

K: Why do you think people react this way?
J: Mostly because I AM a woman. I don’t think I look like the average drummer, I kinda like to be a little glam. I wear bathing suits on stage and pink lipstick. They just expect me to be Ariana Grande or something. Who I love by the way. She’s the best.
Also, My personality isn’t like “check me out. I’m a drummer.” I don’t think to make it a scene or a thing out of it. I’m just a drummer.

K: Do you have any advice for girls trying to break out of their shell and men stereotype?
J: If there’s something you want to do. Just do it. No doubt. If it’s dominated by men, don’t think you can’t and don’t feel awkward. Accept that this feeling is there for a reason and don’t ignore it. I wish I told me 6th-grade self that when I picked up a clarinet over the drums.

K: Last but NOT least, how would you describe your style?
J: Tomboy chic or sporty spice. Inspo by Mick jagger – Debbie Harry – Bridget Bardot – Gigi Hadid

Check out Jen’s band Bearing Torches here and follow her Instagram to keep updated on what she’s up to.



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