Hooked on a Feeling… of Which 70’s Babe are You?

Hooked on a Feeling… of Which 70’s Babe are You?


Hey there, Intern Hallie here again with all things Molly Green! This time I am going to talk about finding your inner 70’s goddess. We all have that Farah, Stevie, or even Debbie we hide within our souls but now it’s time to unleash her. Let that 70’s babe run wild as I show you how to dress like your style icon with retro flare. So, without further ado, let’s start “Jive Talking” about 70’s fashion!


Femme Fatale

This chick walks to the sound of her own drum. No one can tell her what to do with her Rockstar attitude and fierce personality. She tends more towards metallics and bold color choices like red, turquoise, and black. Stars, stripes, and sequins are the main attraction. Outfits with extra sparkle and patterns are the way to go. When she puts on her ultimate power outfit, do not be surprised if you hear The Runaways or any girl rock bands in the background because they fuel her start to the day.


Camper Girl

This type of girl is about to lead you to an all-access pass on the fun express. Always on the go and ready for an adventure, her personality matches her style to a tee—specifically a camper’s tee with loud and bold color. Stripes and smiley faces are all throughout her wardrobe along with bright colors like yellow, blue, orange, and off-white. You mine as well feather your hair and find two other girls to complete your own Charlie’s Angels trio.


Boho Hippie

Want to feel like you’re at Woodstock? Well, you definitely will because this hippie girl lies with the flowers in an open field strumming her guitar. She wears a floppy hat and layers like nobody’s business. Find her wearing long skirts, fringe, and flowy fabrics. Prints here are mixed with paisley and more florals. You will be holding up peace signs and swaying to mellow music if you embody her style. Living up to Stevie Knicks is the ultimate ray of sunshine for her.

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