Home for the Holidays


With the holidays quickly approaching, a lot of you will be traveling. 

Going home can be an exciting time to see your family and friends, but if you’re traveling long distances whether by planes, trains, or automobiles it’s not just about seeing loved ones and spending time together it’s about making sure you have everything you need for when you actually get there. Not just the presents and your jolly good cheer, BUT what the h*ll are you going to wear once you actually get there.

Let’s think about all the things you will need outfits for: 

  • Traveling (you deserve to feel cute while traveling)

  • Pre-celebration (It’s not just about the main event. It’s also about the pre-event you will be attending with people you won’t be seeing the day of)

  • Main Event

  • Loungewear (I trust you have this covered)

  • Unplanned Outings (Let’s be honest, you know this will happen)

So how do you begin to pack? I use a little formula “5-4-3-2-1.” This is a proven formula to cut down on excess packing (which I am insanely guilty of) and really focus on mixing and matching what I have. I don’t need to packet 7 different outfits. I can pack a couple of different items and create over 10 different looks. Here is the break down:

5- Tops (fun tops, layer tops, great basics, etc.)
4- Bottoms (Pack at least 1 pair of dark wash denim because it can be dressed up or down. Not big on pants & skirts? Sub in a dress.)
3- 3 Sweaters and 3 Pairs of Shoes
2- 2 Purses and 2 Big Accessories (1 hat + 1 scarf)
1- Jacket

Keep in mind this breakdown isn’t all about fancy/event clothes. It can also include loungewear. About the only thing it doesn’t address is how many undergarments you should take and to that I say, “to each their own.” 

Pro-tip: If you’re going on an airplane and aren’t doing carry-on luggage make sure you pack a mini-stranded kit in your carry-on. Recently, I was stranded overnight in Chicago and I was really happy that I had prepped for this.

Here is what I pack in my mini-stranded kit. Feel free to add what you need:

  • extra underwear

  • extra socks

  • Back up shirt

  • Mini toothpaste & toothbrush

  • Deodorant

  • Facewash (travel size)

  • Face moisturizer (travel size)

Now that you know what you need to pack or rather how much, here are some outfit ideas:

SHOP: Loungewear Hoodie, Loungewear Bottoms, Leopard Puffer Jacket, Plaid Coat, Leopard Sneakers, White Sneakers

SHOP: Tri-Colored Sweater, Lela Skirt, Flare Denim, Botties

SHOP: Black Denim Jeans, Black Booties, Leopard Sneakers, "Women Rule Everything Around Me" sweatshirt, Sparkly Sweater


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