Happy Shopper

When we started talking about the holiday season this year, it started with a feeling: Happy. 

Happy to be with people we love. Happy to be doing something we love. Happy to create, be silly, play dress up. Just happy. 

So when we started thinking about our Black Friday gift, we talked about all the things that make us happy: our wonderful customers like you! We appreciate you all so much and it’s because of you that we get to do this crazy wonderful Molly Green thing. We wanted to give you a gift that would make you happy. Not just happy in the moment, but happy all year round. 

Introducing our Happy Shopper Tote! 

She might look like a regular tote, but this gal is super special! She is reuseable, adorable, and most importantly when you have this tote you get 10% OFF EVERY purchase you make it 2020. Take her to the grocery store, to the park, the library, quick trips, and then bring her back to Molly Green.

Our Happy Shopper Tote is the gift that keeps on giving all year round and we are so excited to give her to you! Buy her online HERE or find her in stores. She's only $18.

All of these amazing photos are the work of Sarah Peyton Photography. To see more of her incredible work click HERE.  


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