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Clothes that make you feel good
Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Clothes that make you feel good
Free Shipping on Orders $75+
Clothes that make you feel good

Hallie's Wish List

Outfit links for cover photo: Don't Even Chai Hat, Isabelle Color Sweater, Could You Jeans, Slaycee Booties By: Intern Hallie Hey all you lovely ladies of Molly Green! Intern Hallie here with a MG...

Outfit links for cover photo: Don't Even Chai HatIsabelle Color SweaterCould You JeansSlaycee Booties

By: Intern Hallie

Hey all you lovely ladies of Molly Green! Intern Hallie here with a MG wish list to help you shop all of your favorite pieces from our new arrivals. Whether you're coming to our store or are browsing through our website, I will provide you with a couple of fun new items that you want in your closet ASAP. I also want to share how I personally build an outfit, so you're not lost on what to do with just one piece. Instead, you will have a basic understanding on how to pair multiple pieces together. 

Where Do I Start With Putting an Outfit Together?

First off, putting together an outfit is hard especially during a pandemic when we are all just used to wearing comfy clothes and sweat pants but since things have started to re-open slowly, so have our closets. But don't worry because I am here to help with a wish list that will make things simple and easy for anyone. When I put together my outfit for the day or an event, I like to start with one base piece and work around it. It can be something that makes a statement with bold solid color, animal print, a little shine, or even a little flare. Whatever it is, think of this piece as the main attraction of your outfit. Also keep in mind what kind of outfit you are going for. Is it a fancy event, a date night, or just a casual girl's night?

Now Build Around

After you have chosen your base piece it's time to build around it. After I have my base, I tend to look for things with the same or similar colors. If you have a pink top or an element of pink in your top you could match another article of clothing to your pink like I did in the cover photo at the top of the page. I matched the pink hat to the pink stripe in my sweater. They do not have to be exactly the same color and can differ in shades and even patterns but mixing patterns can be a little trickier. Denim also works as a neutral piece to tie a look together too, so just remember you always have that in your back pocket. :) The last step is accessorizing. Do you need a scarf, jewelry, or some cute shades? Choosing accessories is super fun because they can really make an outfit look polished. You can mix metals, layer, and use a scarf a billion different ways. All you have to do is play around with a couple of items to see what looks best. See what enhances the colors in your outfit as well as makes you shine! Now, that was a lot of info to go over but below, I have summarized each step I use to make it easy to remember the main points I have gone over above! 

So, What Does an Example Outfit Look Like?

Here is a great example using the steps above for a simple and cute outfit! I am also linking the items underneath the photo so you can just click to shop them.

Charlie SweaterRaelynn SkirtKaten SandalsJess Hoops


The Wishlist

Now that you have all the basics of planning an outfit, I would love to share with you my personal wishlist from Molly Green to give you some inspiration! I like to break down my list so that I have equal amounts of items instead of just having 7 tops and only 1 or 2 bottoms. You can mix and match them as well as get creative. Plus, you can have less laundry to do! I also try to mix my items so that I have one fancier piece, one casual and one in-between. I have linked my picks below the wishlist in each category they fall under.


Maddy DressNona DressKylie Button Dress


Kimberly BlouseBailey Long SleeveDaya Rainbow Sweater


Don't Even Chai HatFly Away HoopsPaisley Flower Mask


Bulow Flare JeansGio SkirtLondon Pants


Malone BootsKaten SandalsSlaycee Booties


I hope you've enjoyed this little post on how I form an outfit and my personal favorites from Molly Green. Please comment any questions you have or advice you want on what pieces to pair together in the comment section below and if you create a Molly Green outfit, make sure to tag us on social media! Happy shopping and stay safe!



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