Girl Riot: Mini Skirts Forever


Molly Green is partnering with Girl Tribe to throw a killer party and to celebrate women support women! To celebrate this collaboration we designed a cute tee that says, “Mini Skirts Forever”. While the phrase is exceptionally fun and would have you agreeing without knowing the history behind it, we want to share about the phrase's history and why we picked it. So settle in for a good story and a very brief history of other cool fashion things. 

One of the many reasons I love fashion is because of its interact storytelling. Style isn’t just a story of who you are now in this moment and how you choose to express yourself, but the story of everything that preceded this moment. 

For example, the infamous red sole of Louboutin dates back over hundreds of years. It’s not that the brand is that old, the tradition of painting your soles is. Here is a very brief history lesson: 

-The color red as traditionally been a sign of good luck, good fortune, wealthy, etc. 

-The process of dying things red is very expensive so only the aristocrats can afford it. Automatically reinforcing that red is a sign of wealth.

-Fast forward to the 1600s when Charles II of England started having his heels painted red. “1675 portrait of him shows that his shoes had not only red heels but red soles as well.”

-Louis XIV of France, however, took it a step further and decreed that only those of noble birth could wear shoes with red soles and heels. 

While I could continue talking about this because it’s incredibly interesting, my point stands that the iconic red soles didn’t just happen. There is a lot of history. 

The mini skirt is no different. I have often said that you can follow the waves of feminism through the rise of a hemline. In the early 1960’s designers started to shorten skirts as the women’s liberation movement came to prominence. The mini skirt, in all its glory, was the embodiment of this. 

So when Dior failed to show mini skirts on the runway, an organization called "British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts" took it to the streets and protested the fashion house. Some of their signs read “Mini Skirts Forever” and “Don’t Betray the Mini Skirt.” 

So why did we pick this phrase to design for a t-shirt? 

When we first started talking about the t-shirt design we knew wanted to celebrate the beauty that is women in business and women supporting women. So when we saw the mini skirts forever pic, we were immediately drawn to that energy. It was the perfect phrase for everything we were trying to say, and we hope you love it! 

Want to snag a FREE Mini Skirts Forever tee?? We will the first 20 people in line on Saturday a tee along with a bunch of other goodies that you won’t want to miss! 

To learn more about the event, click HERE

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