Get More From Your Weekends

It’s the Weekend!

Every Monday and the occasional Sunday night, I live in this imaginative world where I tell myself I’m going to be productive the next weekend. 

I say things like, “Next weekend is the weekend. I’m going to be hyper-productive. I’m going to re-organize my dresser drawers so I no longer have to do the shimmy and stuff in order to close it.” 

**Side note: “Shimmy and Stuff” 
Shimmy- Where you jiggle the drawer a little back and forth and a little up and down whilst trying to close the drawer. 
Stuff- Pushing your clothes down while closing your drawer so they don’t muffin top over the closed drawer because that’s the worst. 

However, I traditionally end up spending my weekends like Emma Stone in Easy A. **See clip

And at times it’s frustrating when I want/need to accomplish things during the weekend, but I also want to enjoy my downtime. 

So here are some loose “to-dos” to get more life out of your week, while also feeling accomplished:

Step 1. Don’t marry your plans

Plans change. That’s life. So learn to be flexible and you’ll be the better for it. 

Before you get upset about plans falling through ask yourself, “Is this the hill I want to die on?” Weekend translation: Is this so important that it’s worth letting it ruin the rest of your weekend? Chance are it’s probably not.

So if that friend wants to grab coffee instead of going to the early morning farmers’ market. Hit the snooze button and sleep in or take yourself to the farmers’ market. And if you make it to Sunday and you didn’t get everything done that you had planned– take a deep breath and remember you probably did things that you needed to do that didn’t make your original list. For example, self-care is something we often need and forget to schedule.  

Step 2. Keep a running to-do list

I don’t get everything done all the time, but I do get a lot of things done. 

I keep a running to-do list on my phone. Throughout the week I add tasks to it. This way I’m never left wondering what that one thing is that I need to do during the weekend, but I just can’t remember. 

When you have a free moment, you can knock a couple things off your list leaving you feeling accomplished. Get it girl!  

Step 3. Turn your phone off

I once heard Sophia Rossi, co-founder of Hello Giggles, say that she turns her phone off every Friday night and doesn’t pick it up again until Saturday evening. 

The truth is most of us stare at our phones way too much, myself included. The truth is there are really very few reasons good enough to explain why we are permanently glued to our phones. 

So this weekend set your phone down and really listen to your friend instead of saying, “No trust me, I’m listening,” while scrolling through Instagram. 

Step 4. Make it fun

Pro Tip: When I’m doing a traditionally slightly boring task like deep cleaning my apartment or reorganizing my dresser I like to marathon my favorite shows like Gilmore Girls or Buffy. I’ve seen them literally thousands of times so I can enjoy them without having to be glued to the TV. True story, I once repainted my bathroom while marathoning the BBC TV mini-series North & South.  

Step 5. There will be other weekends

So maybe it doesn’t happen this weekend, but there will be other weekends. Remember: Good friends, good food, and good memories. As long as you spend time with the people important to you and take care of yourself the weekend will be spent. 

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