February Photoshoot Mood Board

February Photoshoot Mood Board

As we conceived, we thought, “What is something that is missing from everyday life? What is something that we need to return to for comfort and for inspiration?” The consensus that we came to is this: Imagination.

We have become a bit removed from the very part of ourselves that drives creativity and unique thinking. So, for this shoot, we are returning to the more mystical and fantastical parts of our minds in order to bring about a sense of nostalgia and life. We are employing two major symbols within this shoot that embody the fairy tale dream world that we are longing to resurrect: smoke and butterflies.

With the use of these two elements, along with our own Molly Green magic, we hope to inspire the playful mystery within us all.

Special thanks to Pinterest for facilitating the imagery for this mood board 🙂


Lexi Jade

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