Fall Bucket List!

Fall Bucket List!

Party at a country fair

Time to check off another box on our Molly Green Fall Bucket List! This to-do item had us heading to the West Alabama State Fair outside of Tuscaloosa, AL. There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as the mingled smell of corn-dogs, face paint, and fun:)

Get lost in a corn maze

We’re checking off more boxes on our MG Fall Bucket List! This one had us running around, knee-deep in molten gold sunshine as we lost ourselves amongst rows and rows of bright yellow rows of corn. So go ahead, burn a few calories, shuck some corn, and soak in the last golden rays of fall.

Go apple picking and bake a tasty pie

Here’s nothing I love more than slicing off a piece (or two) of apple pie on a crispy autumn afternoon. But when was the last time you actually picked your own apples to fill your apple creations? Well for us… it was maybe never. But there’s a first time for everything! So we packed up our car, drove to the orchard, and picked us up some apples! It really connected us to mother nature, the cycle of the apple season, and our own deep deep need to eat a LOT of apple pie. So enjoy our journey and watch the video at the end to experience MG Crew Members, Casey, and Wade, as they adventure into the wonderful world of pie baking!

Watch our video below and see how to make the most amazing apple pie:)

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