Dress like a Brit with Intern Hallie

Dress like a Brit with Intern Hallie

Hey everyone, I’m Intern Hallie! I am originally from the Windy City of Chicago. Currently, I am studying English and Graphic Design at Belmont University which I absolutely love. Last semester, I got the opportunity to study abroad in England at the University of Oxford and I wanted to talk about the iconic fashion the Brits have started and continue to drive forward. Some of their style choices are similar to the United States but if you truly want to dress like someone from across the pond, continue reading for pointers.



Sweaters, Cardigans, or Jumpers?

First of all, before you even try to wear a sweater or a cardigan to start your English look off, make sure you do not call it a sweater. The correct term over there is “jumper.” A jumper can be a multitude of things to different people around the world but in the U.K., people use it as a term for something to put over your dress or top to warm up just like our version of a sweater. Luckily, we are in a season where light “jumpers” are perfect for the weather outside and transitioning to Spring.



Fun and Flirty Skirts

Traditionally to add to your British look, you’ll want a slightly longer skirt whether it be pleated, straight-cut, or satin. Try and aim for a midi-skirt if you can because a maxi would be a little bit too long. Midi-skirts provide flexibility in changing from meetings or class to a fun girl’s night out or brunch with your besties.



Throw on your Trainers

To top off the look, you’ll need a pair of fun sneakers—or trainers— since Brits are always on the go hopping on double-decker buses, running for a train, or even cycling downtown. Traditional white and chunky shoes add to the polished look you want, but you can always add a little pop of color to the overall picture.


Now that you have the classic style of how to dress like you’re from England, all you are missing is an accent and a cup of tea to enjoy while you look good. Cheerio!


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