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We’ve all seen the hoards of girls parading down Broadway in matching boots and LBDs, all except for the bride-to-be of course: a blinding vision in white. Many locals have come to fear these so-called ‘I-Do Crews’ and steer clear of any Honky Tonk on the strip. But at The Bach Brand, we embrace the baches and have made it our mission to redirect the traffic of tribes to local businesses in Nashville.

As a graphic designer, I saw an issue with bachelorette party supplies when on the hunt for my sister’s celebration in 2017; it all sucked. It took forever to track down each item and the designs were outdated, overused, and obnoxious. And although Nashville is known as a top bachelorette destination, the majority of parties only experience the stereotypical ‘boots and Broadway’ weekend. It’s rare for groups to truly see what the city has to offer or to support the small businesses that make Nashville so incredible.

With this mission in mind and in hopes of discouraging yet another ‘Ash’s Nash Trash Bash’ tank top accumulating in any more bridesmaids’ closets, we recently partnered with Molly Green to style and shoot an un-basic bach lookbook. This visual guide aims to prove that bachelorettes don’t have to match like Kim and Kayne or look like a multi-person Cruella DeVille costume to coordinate as a group and have the bride stand out. Here are a few tips we used when creating the lookbook:

The Bride Doesn’t Have to Wear White

Yes, we all want every stranger to gawk at the bride-to-be’s ring-like rubbernecking a fender bender on 65. And of course, the group benefits from the free drinks a less-than-sober bachelor party bought for everyone but that doesn’t mean the Main Bach has to wear all white like Pope Francis in order to draw that attention. Instead, choose a bright color to stand out from the crowd or add some sparkle with pieces like the Gentry Dress that’s sure to turn heads.

The Group Doesn’t Have to Match

We promise Nashville will still recognize that your bride tribe is rolling deep without the entire group in matching $30 Etsy hats that say ‘Bride Squad.’ Instead, try choosing a print for everyone to stick to like animal prints or floral. This creates variety and allows more flexibility both with budget and options.

Avoid a Location-Based Theme

Marie Kondo would be ashamed at how many lingering cowboy boots stay hidden in the back of closets just waiting for someone to bring them joy. It’s true, Nashville is known for country music but Taylor Swift won’t love you any less if you opt-out of those knee-highs in the heat of July. Shop your closet and accessorize with fun items like crazy sunglasses, buttons, or jewelry to liven up an outfit rather than investing in themed clothes that you won’t wear again.

With such a massive bachelorette draw to our southern drawl here in Nashville, it’s important to maintain your own pizazz. Have fun and just because it’s a bach party doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style for the sake of a few Instagram pics.

Be sure to shop our Basic Bach Box for an all-in-one Nashville bachelorette party!  

**Need tips on where you should go while in Nashville?? See more of the lookbook and The Bach Brand HERE.**

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