An Unofficial Ranking of Our 5 Softest Sweaters

It's 90 degrees outside with a heat index that feels like it's a million (not to be dramatic or anything), and yet, the only thing I can think about is sweaters. 

I love sweater weather. From the first crisp leaf to the soft gust of wind that leaves my cheeks flush, I love everything the season has to offer. So while, I might not have a pumpkin spice latte in hand, I will give you a run down of the 5 softest sweaters we have at Molly Green. 

Author’s Note: All of our sweaters are insanely soft. This is just an absurd little list of my favorite sweaters that all happen to be soft and cute and perfect for fall! Also, I own or will own all of these sweaters soon so I personally can attest to their softness. 

5. Fuzzy Crop sweater

This sweater is filled with cool girl energy. Fitted and cropped you will want to wear it with everything and YOU SHOULD because she's insanely cute. The only reason you'll change? Well, you have to wear all the other sweaters you bought too! 

4. Ryleigh Sweater

This is the most perfectly oversized sweater in stores right now. No lie. The Ryleigh Sweater is perfect for coffee dates, errands, or sitting on your couch and bingeing your favorite new show. She is so soft you will want to wear this sweater forever! 

3. Fatima sweater

Not going to lie, I bought her in 2 of the 3 colors. The Fatima is perfectly cropped and soft and I'm just dying to wear it with any and everything this fall!

2. Oakley button Sweater

90's leading lady energy right here! I tried this on with my black high waisted boyfriend jeans and white platform loafers. All I need to add is my beloved butterfly clips. Oakley comes in this beautiful green and a soft white. Wear this sweater as a shirt or over your favorite tee and you're ready for a bouquet of sharpened pencils and to hit the streets of NYC (You've Got Mail anyone??!

1. Angelina Sweater

The softest sweater ever made! We had this little honey last year in green and I instantly fell in love. If a hug from your favorite person was a sweater, it would be this sweater. Angelina comes in Pink & Whip Cream. I haven't bought it yet this season, but I know it's only a matter of time! 

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