A Quick Fix with Florals

The best gift is the gift of floral life.

Too often though those gorgeous bouquets need to be ordered weeks ahead of time. Not to mention, you’ll have to sell a kidney to even afford one in the first place. Flower arranging on your own can be daunting, but we’ve compiled a few simple rules to help you construct the perfect (secretly-last-minute) Mother’s Day bouquet… just follow along!


We started at Trader Joe’s and grabbed an assortment of anything we fancied. Some roses, some wildflowers, some greenery and a big ol’ hydrangea bloom.


We started with the big bloom and used it as our centerpiece… then just started adding the smaller colorful flowers.


Next we picked some tall blooms to add some height!


Next came wispy little white babies and leafy greens for some width and whimsy.


And voila! A perfect little bouquet miracle.


Good luck all you beautiful procrastinating amateur florists! May the floral-force be with you!


xoxo – the MG crew

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