5 Must Have Accessories for Fall

We’ve all been there: you’re running late and all you can do it stand in front of a closet full of clothes and cry because you feel like you have nothing to wear. 

Maybe it's not that you don't have the right tee or jeans, sometimes all you need to do is accessorize it!

The right accessories can take a basic white tee + black denim and make the look all your own! Don't know where to start? I got you! Here are my 5 favorite basics to have on deck to complete your look! Remember it's not about buying all the accessories at once. Start slow with items that resonate with you and build your collection!

Here is where I would start:

must have hoops

  1. Hoops

    I have said this so many times, but "bad b*tches wear hoops!" I can't explain it, but every time I see someone wear hoops I think, "They're so cool!" Start small with basic silver and gold hoops. Hoops come in so many different styles! Find a pair like these acrylic floral ones that are giving me big "cottage core" vibes!

    Hoops Left to Right: Miracle Hoops; All About Flowers HoopsLast Call Hoops;

  2. Simple Studs

    Is your outfit fun? Is your outfit A LOT of fun? Okay, then where a pair of simple studs, but no one said those studs had to be boring! Like these butterflies, they are so fun! And you know who would love these? Dolly Parton! 

    Left to Right: Half & Half Earrings; Fly By Earrings

  3. A Great Hat

    Nashville is a hat city! Even if you're not in Nashville, you need a great hat. I know bucket hats are trendy right, but they're also a fun hat options. PLUS, this one is reversible! Also, fall is literally right around the corner and everyone needs a hat for fall. 

    Left to Right: Montpelier Hat; Leopard Bucket Hat

  4. A Necklace (or two layered)

    Okay, we all have necklaces! Here's how to layer: Nothing "matchy matchy" just wear pieces that are complimentary or ones that just vibe together; make sure there is at least one inch between all of them; if you're wearing a lot of necklaces pair down with simple stud earrings. 

    Left to right: Helping Hands NecklaceParadise Chain Necklace; Glee Necklace

  5. A Favorite Scarf 

    How wouldn't you wear a scarf? a belt, neck scarf, through the belt loop, in your hair...the sky is the limit! These are my favorites, but really I love all scarves! 

    Left to Right: Spotted Scarf; Pretty Bird Scarf

Want to hear about more accessories? Comment below and tell me! 

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