Monthly Musings- March

Monthly Musings- March


Eugenia Loli is a collage artist originally from Greece but is currently based in California. Her collages are dreamy, nostalgia, and tragic. Her work is not only visually stimulating with its saturated colors and vintage grain, it is layered in meaning and emotion. Through her art, she expresses her personal concerns, but also the concerns for the social and political state in which we are all living. Her art is absolutely captivating and allows people to enjoy its beautiful and interesting exterior while connecting deeply with those who dig further into its interior. Check out her work here!


Erykah Badu Erykah Badu Erykah Badu. The purity of her voice and the honesty of her lyrics make up some of the most enlightening music I have ever experienced. Her music is introspective, smooth, and engaging. She speaks to the experience of African Americans and calls for a more true understanding and acceptance of all cultures. She encourages, enlightens, and empowers women of color to embrace their individuality and to wear their heritage proudly. Watch her music video to “On & On” to see the beauty of her work for yourself 🙂


Emily Dickinson is a poet who I have really come to appreciate so much this year. Her poetry has a certain lyricism to it that makes her work very approachable. Most of her poems are short in length but are complex in nature. She speaks in simple terms, but the layers of introspection force you to further investigate her life. Most of her work was not found or published until after her death. With her use of slant rhyme and offbeat punctuation, her writing was considered eccentric, even daring for its time. Now you can find Dickson’s work almost anywhere. Order a complete collection of her work and enjoy the wonderful and mysterious works of Emily Dickson here 🙂


The Oscar Nominated Jackie is a film that shows the progression of time pre and post-assassination of JFK. It reveals the interior effects of the event and the psychology of Jackie as she attempts to reassure the country of its safety and pull the pieces of her husband's legacy together. The film shows the details and choices that Jackie was forced to make in the wake of personal and political chaos. This psychological thriller unveils a reality that was only experienced behind closed doors and allows the vulnerability of a woman who has been held up to such high standards her entire life to be empathized with.


As we emerge from the cold and begin to make the trying clothing transition into Spring, style inspiration is one thing that I have really needed. A few months ago I found the Instagram account itshoneyvintage and it has been my go-to for outfit inspiration this month. The styling is 70s inspired with a touch of Paris in the 1940s/50s/60s. Each photo shows this style in action, which makes the outfits feel real and wearable. Sometimes I find that fashion photography feels a bit distant and unattainable and this account breaks away from that and allows the pieces to exist in a more tangible way. Speaking of tangibility, they actually have an online store where you can touch, feel, and own the funky pieces from their Insta! Shop itshoneyvintage here!


This month I found myself extremely busy and stressed out, so breakfast time became the only time during the way when I could simply sit down and have a moment to myself. This 10 to 30 minute time of enjoying a meal to myself has become a ritual for me. It sets me up for a clear headspace and a more relaxed day knowing that I have taken a bit of time for myself. Most mornings I eat toast or oatmeal and drink a cup of coffee (or two) while I listen to Billie Holiday radio on Spotify. I encourage you all to take some intentional time for yourself each morning during the month of April and see how it affects the rest of your day 🙂



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