MG Basics Everyone Needs

MG Basics Everyone Needs 

by Katherine Wilhoit, MG Intern

Basics. Not the most exciting things to shop for but are pieces you’ll never regret having in your closet! A good basic is the making of a great outfit and will help you achieve an effortless look almost every time. So, we at MG decided to put together some basics that belong in every woman’s wardrobe. Take a look below! 

Quality Denim


Check out more denim here!

Featured products: 

Samantha Jeans 

Radford Flare 


A Classic Blazer 


Find your perfect blazer here! 

 Featured Products: 

Holland Blazer

Jayden Blazer

Brittie Blazer

A Little Black Dress


Find your perfect LBD here!

 Featured Products:

Lynn Lace Dress

Simple Flats 


Slide into your favorite new pair of shoes here! 

Featured Products:

Swirl Slide

A Good Sweater


Check out even more sweater styles here!

Featured Products:

Tate Top 

Black Pants


Find your perfect pair of black pants here! 

Featured Products:

Radford Flare 

Blossom Pants

Ankle Boots 


Find your perfect pair of ankle boots here! 

 Featured Products: 

Mysterious Bootie

Basic Button-Ups


Check out even more button-ups here! 

Featured Products:

Journey Button Up

Jasper Button Up


Find even more basic tees here! 

Featured Products:

Easy Going Top 

Wadena Tee


MG Crew 

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