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Free Shipping on Orders $75+
✿ Clothes that make you feel good
Free Shipping on Orders $75+
✿ Clothes that make you feel good

Honoring Ourselves: A Mother's Day Reflection

It's not just about the flowers, the cards, or the gifts – it's about honoring ourselves and the season of motherhood we're in. For me, honoring myself means embracing the...

As Mother's Day approaches amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's fair to pause and reflect on how we can honor ourselves as mothers. While the holiday itself is a beautiful reminder of the love and appreciation we receive from our families, it's important to prioritize our well-being every day, not just on this special occasion.

For me, honoring myself means carving out moments of self-care. It means taking walks, savoring the feeling of sunshine on my skin, and feeling the rhythm of my steps ground me in the present moment. It's about remembering to nourish my body, not just for myself but for the well-being of my family.

Self-care isn't just about nutrition and movement; it's also about setting boundaries and prioritizing our mental and emotional selves. Learning to say no when necessary and not overextending ourselves.

I love when an outfit comes together and getting dressed is certainly a way to take good care of myself. It reminds me to show up, and tap into my creativity-which is central to my journey as a mother. It's integral to how I show up in the world for all the various responsibilities. Daily proof that I matter and am worth it all. 

 Nina Long recently shot some sweet pictures of me and my lil guy and I wore the Joanie Flower dress. Such an easy dress that really made me feel beautiful. 

And don't bubbles make everything more magical.

The Joanie Floral dress gets a 10/10 from me.

Comfort and versatility are crucial to my wardrobe. In the summer months, there's nothing quite like a breezy dress that transitions from a morning coffee run to an afternoon playdate. And denim on denim? That's my power suit – classic, timeless, and always makes me feel good.

Around the house, I gravitate towards elevated basics that perfectly balance comfort and style. And, of course, no outfit is complete without accessories. Whether a floral scarf tied to my purse or a pair of fun sunglasses, these little touches add personality and flair to the simplest ensemble.

Let's not forget about shoes—comfortable yet statement-making, and can be the foundation of any outfit. I love styles that go with everything, effortlessly complementing my wardrobe and lifestyle.

Curating my closet has been a journey of self-discovery, reflecting the artist inside. And while my style may evolve, a few elements are constant: comfort, and a touch of something that brings me joy.

This Mother's Day, let's remember to honor ourselves not just with gifts and gestures but with the daily practice of self-love and self-care. When we prioritize our own well-being, we show up as the best versions of ourselves—for us and them.

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