A Guide to Dressing for Fall

It’s 80 degrees outside. It’s 80, and the calendar says, “September 22nd,” as I write this. Although it might technically be fall, I want it to feel like fall outside. I want to crunch leaves and feel the crisp morning air. 

So while I not so patiently wait for the fall weather, here are 3 tips for dressing for fall while it is still way too hot outside! 

fall color palette

1. It’s all about the colors, baby!

Despite almost summer temps, you can ditch the summer color palette and make the shift to warmer fall colors! We love dreamy earth tones this year and have started incorporating rich browns, soft greens, and lovely neutrals. You can do this through 

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Mock Turtle Neck

2. Mock Necks Are Your Friend!

 We’re not ready for the full turtleneck, but who doesn’t love a good mock neck? Our best-selling Liv Mock Neck is one size fits most, is super stretchy, and is soft! I wish I were kidding (if for no reason other than it is a very large number) when I say I own this shirt in almost every color, and I wear them in constant rotation in the fall and winter. I promise you’ll want to live in this shirt! 

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3. All you need is a jacket. 

I know April 25th is widely considered to be the perfect date because it’s not too hot or too cold, and all you need is a light jacket, which is also the perfect advice for transitioning into fall weather! One of my all-time favorite items I’ve ever bought from MG is the most perfectly oversized denim jacket. Lucky for all of us, we got a very similar one back in stock and I’m dying over how much I love it! It goes with everything. You will have it forever! 

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