The Journey to Real with Madison Lovely pt. 4

Valentine’s Day – BY: MADISON LOVELY @madisonroselovely

Valentine’s Day-

Whether it be fondue dates with your lover, or self love hangs with your favorite junk food and Netflix series, or Galentines get togethers surrounded by Ryan Gosling movies and your best friends; it’s a holiday you either love, avoid, or laugh at. 

Here’s why – 

It’s a day that glorifies the things that should be intentional everyday.
Like when you’re in a relationship we say, “everyday should feel like Valentine’s Day.”
And though that comes strapped with a lot of unrealistic standards, it has a lot of overlooked truth to it as well.  

Let’s break down the standards and allow me to explain to you how everyday can feel like Valentine’s Day whether you’re single as a pringle, or happily ever after. 




For the happily ever afters: 

Every day seek the little details. 

It doesn’t have to be the elaborate dates, or the giant $60 dollar teddy bears. It doesn’t have to be a bracelet or a ring that you had to take a loan out just to afford. 

I’ve found that if you learn to seek and adore the details behind what makes a person smile, then meeting those needs become a lot more attainable for everyday life. 

It takes two to make magic happen, but magic starts by recognizing that YOU are, and YOU have always been, enough. 

And if that’s not enough for the other person, then you might need to swipe left on that relationship. 





For the Single Ladies: 

Valentine’s Day and almost every day in between can become quickly nauseating.  

Whether you’re jaded, love sick, hopeful, or full of doubt, the message I wish for all my fellow women to get is this; YOUR joy is the only thing that will sustain YOU and the other joys you seek to find. 

Pursuing yourself, dating yourself, and loving yourself, will start to curate a self sustaining garden of happiness which will feed you in all areas of your life. 

And that’s the thing – you have to fill your happy jar first if anyone is ever going to come along and try to make you happy also. 

Individual happiness is the only source that creates and sustains happiness in any relationship. 

It’s a cliche, “love yourself” 

But it’s the only way you’re ever going to give a love so powerful that it attracts a love equally powerful.





And lastly, for all my Galentine’s out there: 

Stick together. Love your friends better than you even know how to love yourself sometimes. 

And surround yourself with friends who see you, celebrate you, challenge you, and can make you laugh no matter the circumstances. Make time for each other just as you would make time for yourself, and by doing this you’ll feel yourself start to come alive in ways you didn’t know you were missing. 

Oh, and order yourself a stuffed crust, heart-shaped, pizza. 

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