The Journey to Real with Madison Lovely pt. 2

How to Stay Confident in Layers – BY: MADISON LOVELY @madisonroselovely

As October sets in on all of our spooky fantasies, so does the chilling weather. With the pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes, and climate drop, how do you stay confident in layers this fall?

A concept we women need to wrap our head around if we are ever going to stay warm! I for one am the type that will freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer all for the sake of an outfit!

Looking cute is one thing, feeling cute is another. How many times does a great outfit catch your eye in a window and you think “I’d love to wear that”…. but, you don’t think twice about trying it on or buying it because we all know there’s a disconnect between what we think is cute and what we are actually confident in wearing. So, here’s the trick.

The trick to being confident in layers is this realization; layers are cute on clothes but not on people.

In a society of double ‘social media’ lives and status update standards that only hi-light our best moods, I think it’s safe to say that the millennial generation has mastered the art of layering our identity to the point where people only see what we want them to see and rarely do we feel comfortable in our own vulnerability.
If vulnerability was a vintage Gucci jacket then sure maybe we’d all wear it, but until then, layers are the fastest accessory that we emotionally pile on. It has become easy to hide behind our phones and the world we create for ourselves inside of them that the idea of peeling back, unraveling, and exposing a little more, shall we say “skin?” Is sometimes terrifying!
The key to looking amazing in anything you wear is loving who you are, when you are not bedazzled, put together, and seen from your best angle. Whether it be makeup, clothes, or social status’, the second we can let go and be okay with LESS is the second the excitement of MORE becomes a luxury and not a necessity.

Many of us began our journey to layering when the harshness of peoples opinions caused us to want to cover up!
Let me tell you, negative people are like a bad pair of shoes; they look great on but you can’t go anywhere without them hurting you!
If there is anything in your wardrobe this fall, in your life, in your cell phone, or on your Instagram that is making you feel like you can’t be your truest self, anything that is causing your feet to ache or your skin to breakout, then honey, delete, unfollow, and throw away. October is Oct-over! Make new ends and grow new beginnings! Fall is the new spring cleaning!

Layers should not be covering up anything or anyone, they should nearly enhance what has already been put together. So remember this fall to put your vulnerable side first and wear your heart on your sleeve; whether it be knit, leather, or flannel.

And please, do stay warm! No outfit is worth freezing over! Luckily, Molly Green has an outfit solution for all your fall needs. Fall can be spooky, layers don’t have to be.

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