Sweater Weather (Well...almost?)

 know it’s July. So it feels more than a little ridiculous to be talking about fall, AND if you’re in the South it feels a bit insane because we all know that it won’t even feel remotely like fall until late October.

I love fall! I love the coats, sweaters, accessories, etc. that come with the season; however, it’s hard to welcome or even think about the fall season when:

a) It’s only just now starting to feel like summer, and yet, it’s almost August.

b) As previously stated, it’s the south. It’s hard to look at pictures of fall clothing when it’s pretty consistently in the 90’s this time of year.

Transitioning your wardrobe can be difficult, but not impossible. So here are my proven steps for dressing for fall without feeling the summer heat:

1) All the fall colors of the wind

One of the easiest ways to ease out of your summer wardrobe is to change your color palette or at least pairing the bright, brilliant colors of summer with fall colors. I’m sure you’ve heard A LOT of people say, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Those people are lying. It’s all about wearing warmer whites rather than your favorite deconstructed denim so white Mr. Clean would take credit for it. So keep your white jeans, and add a thin rich gold color tee like our Gold Baby top. The darker hue helps you feel like fall without giving up your favorite summer pieces.

2) Layer Up: A Little Third-Piece Magic

“Third-Piece Magic” is that article of clothing you add that not only pulls the look together but it also adds interest. Anyone can wear “jeans and a cute top,” but “jeans with a cute top and a killer jacket” is what immediate up-levels your look. Fall is the perfect time to do that! A third-piece is great especially when the weather temp starts jumping all over the place, but it also helps in the summer when it’s still blazing hot outside and freezing inside. Try adding a lightweight third piece like our Lavonne Duster or our Adalyn Jacket. Leopard is basically a neutral color, and the Adalyn is so cute that you’ll be wearing it long after transition weather is over!

3) Fabrics & Cuts Are Everything

Spring cuts/styles in fall fabrics and colors. To be clear, you should ditch your linen anything by the end of August. Linen is strictly a spring/summer fabric and it wrinkles like crazy. You are a girl boss with sh*t to do. You don’t have time for that. Alternatively, wearing a popular style like shorteralls made with a breathable cord like fabric is PERFECT for saying, “I’m too cute to sweat, but I’m feeling fall vibes.” Another popular choice would be a jumpsuit in a rich color like the gold one above (there is a lot of gold this year, did you see the Royal Wedding so it’s a wardrobe must!) or a neutral color dress that is cut for fall with lightweight fabric that is breathable, but not clingy.

I wanted to share these tips to help you beat the heat and the sweat while diving head first into fall styles. However, the most important thing to put on every morning is confidence, say, “Screw it!” and embrace your personal style because ultimately, that’s what we’re here for at Molly Green!  


xoxo, Laura


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