Spring Break Checklist

It’s Spring Break!!! YASSSSSSSS

Now, before you sleep the whole week away, which is completely respectable, here are some things you can do by yourself or with your friends!

1. Brunch with Besties

Yes, going out for brunch is always nice, but here’s a great brunch receipt that is both delicious and won’t leave you feeling broke. Divide the recipe up among your friends and each one brings something. If this recipe isn’t your style there are tons of affordable and delicious ones on Smitten Kitchen. The toughest decision you’ll have to make is what to make. Whether it’s savory or sweet you’ll enjoy the time you spent with your friends cooking followed by all the hours it will take to enjoy it!

2. Plant Shopping

Spring Break is the perfect time to start that succulent garden you’ve been talking about and dreaming about since the dead middle of winter!

Pro Tip: Shop a local nursery for healthy plants and start small. Yes, lots of succulents look hella pretty and Instagram-able, but you should only get as many plants as you feel comfortable keeping alive. Take it from someone who has accidentally killed her fair share of plants in her life, start small and then work up. Also, water them thoroughly every two weeks. I know we say succulents don’t NEED water, but they still need water or they will croak.

 3. Ice Cream Date

Let’s be real there is no wrong time to eat ice cream. It’s been freezing outside and yet, I still sang, “My Heart Will Go On” while staring at ice cream in a waffle cone. While you can always go out and get ice cream with your friends you could also have the adventure of trying to make it yourself. I found this Homemade Macaron Ice Cream Recipe and it looks amazing so I thought I would share it with all the other introverted adventurous spirits out there.

4. Vist Cool Places in Your State…

That you’ve never been to! For those of you living in the great state of Alabama, as Forest Gump would say, did you know that 1) Zelda Fitzgerald, the first Flapper, who was also a talented painter, dancer, and writer, is from Montgomery, AL. She was also married to someone you’ve probably heard about before F. Scott Fitzgerald??

2) You can still visit her, Scott, and their daughter Scottie’s home in Montgomery, AL. The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum is located a little over an hour from Birmingham, and 100% worth it! Visit the website HERE to learn more and visit this amazing piece of history.


Have a wonderful Spring Break 🙂 xoxo Laura Foster

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